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D/s Tissue Tape

  • Double Side Tissue Tape is lightweight tissue coated with Hotmelt or Acrylic adhesives.
  • The tissue tapes have anti-rebounding & anti-wrapping property specially designed to be used in television sets, earphones, loud-speakers, sound box, gift packing of smooth surfaces and LED sticking.
  • High tack allows for multiple usages.
  • Ideal for nameplate fixing, plastic film lamination/bonding, foam bonding.
  • Splicing.
  • Recommended for mounting light objects.
  • Securing backing & fabric in embroidery.
  • Used in shoe, leather, paper, white goods industry as well as in postal & carpet fixing jobs.
  • Available in 60 mic, 80 mic, 90 mic, 110 mic & 120 mic.

AS-033-A-DS Tissue Tape-60


AS-033-B-DS Tissue Tape-80


AS-035-DS Tissue Tape-110-Carpet


AS-036-A Ds Tissue Tape 120 Sb


AS-138-DS Tissue Tape 120 Hm


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