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NBR Foam Tape

NBR Foam Tapes are single-sided adhesive foam tapes made from a blend of PVC and Nitrile closed cell foam as a carrier and coated with a high grade adhesive with an easy peel release liner.

*Durable acrylic adhesive and flexible foam combination confirms well on curved and irregular surfaces.

*Excellent bonding to most surfaces including metals, glass, plastics and woods.

*Good resistance to weathering, UV light and most chemicals.

*Excellent resistance to ozone, mildew and mold.

*Remains flexible at a wide temperature range.

*Air conditioning, refrigeration, thermal & acoustic insulation, weather stripping, automotive gaskets and seals, marine constructions (hatches)

*Truck cabs, buses, off road vehicles, inspection hatches

*Switchboards, body seals and general closure applications.

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