Atmanirbhar Developments from Adhesive Specialities.

Adhesive Specialities has been one of the leading manufacturers in the tape industry since last two decades. The company consists of an inhouse R&D team that have been contributing towards developing various tapes for industrial purposes in answer to the clarion call of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ from our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. One of our latest development has been the Seam Sealing Tape used during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also excel and look forward to specialised coating or product development as per our customer preferences.

Over the years, Adhesive Specialities have been highly successful in developing innovative products for our customers as under:

01. Masking Tape: We have been amongst the primary manufacturers of pressure sensitive Masking Tape covering a wide range of temperature resistance ranging from -55°C to 180°C. The tape’s easy to tear masking paper coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive makes it ideal in various applications at the customer end. Masking Tape is widely used in several industries such as Automotive, Building & Construction, Labelling and for General Purpose.

Masking Tape By Adhesive Specialities

02. Cross Filament Tape: Adhesive Specialities are one of the foremost manufacturers of Cross Filament Tape for general purpose and residue free application. The residue free variation is widely used for Oil Transformer Insulation. It is a much preferred tape due to its high tensile strength which is achieved by woven glass fibres reinforced with the backing and its easy application increases the favourability amongst the customers. Cross Filament Tape is available with Rubber, Acrylic or Hotmelt adhesive.

Cross Filament Tape By Adhesive Specialities

03. Paper Tape: Adhesive Specialities as a manufacturer has effectively produced a tape keeping in mind the packaging and colour separation as

the main focus and primary purpose of it being used. The self-adhesive nature makes our tape environment friendly and easy to tear property makes it user friendly. Adhesive Specialities also offers customized printing.

Paper Tape By Adhesive Specialities

04. Margin Tape: Margin Tape from Adhesive Specialities is largely used by Transformer manufacturers for AC to DC conversion and is also widely referred to as Composite Tape or Barrier Tape also.

Margin Tape By Adhesive Specialities

05. Pallet Tape / Flat Back / Washi Tape/ Paper Lifting Tape: The company’s is proud of its inhouse adhesive manufacturing facility for efficiently developing an exceptional formula of rubber adhesive which is coated on flat back paper and is used in various applications like masking, packaging and temporary fixing. Amongst the various paper masking tapes available, this tape proves to give the best fine line marking. It also does not leave any residue behind and also easily hand tear-able.

Paper Tape / Flat Back / Washi Tape ? Paper Lifting Tape By Adhesive Specialities

06. Cross Hatch Tester Tape: This tape is produced as per specified guidelines under ASTM D 3359 standard. Its main feature is to examine the adhesion of painting. In this case, the paint coating is cut into small squares using cross hatch tester and then this tape is applied, only to be removed after a while in one smooth movement to check paint adhesion.

Cross Hatch Tester Tape By Adhesive Specialities

07. Die-Cut: Adhesive Specialities specializes in various kinds of die-cuts. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes using several types of materials according to the customer specifications. The die-cuts can be provided in in roll-cut or sheet forms. The benefits of this are that they are light weight clean and safe and easy to apply.

Die Cut Tapes By Adhesive Specialities

08. Anodizing Tape: Anodizing is an electrochemical process in which a chemical reaction is initiated by the applied electrical current by which it gives metal surface, a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish. The Anodizing Tape or Electroplating Tape is precisely used to mask the metal surface that does not need to be anodized and also the tape can be removed without any residue. It is widely used in metalworking industry especially in Aerospace industry.

Anodizing Tape By Adhesive Specialities

09. Optical Lens Protective Tape: This extraordinary tape is yet an impressive product of Adhesive Specialities that aids in buffing and in giving a finishing touch to the glass to attain the power on your spectacles. It also blocks any non-metal alloy scratches during processing of ophthalmic lenses. It also prevents any cross contamination and any damage to coating equipment.

Optical Lens Protective Tape By Adhesive Specialities

10. Productive Tape for Interior & Exterior of Automobiles: Automobile exporters requires protection against the damage caused due to dirt, dust, scratches on the automobile body during export or transportation. Adhesive Specialities offer an array of tapes that gives safety against the transit damages to metal or glass.

Productive Tape For Interiori & Exterior Of Automobile By Adhesive Specialities

11. Anti-Bacterial Cold Press Tape: This is one of Adhesive Specialities top innovations which have benefited country’s frontline workers during COVID- 19 pandemic. This tape is designed to prevent the virus from penetrating the PPE suits to avoid any disastrous infection. It comprises of a special multi- layer film. The application of this specific tape is easy and can be simply done by a tape applying machine. It can also be used in industrial work wear or military outfits.

Anti-Bacterial Cold Press Tape By Adhesive Specialities

The Top 5 Developments Worldwide:

The above mentioned 11 products are what Adhesive Specialities consider to be their breakthrough products, but at the same time being one of the leading Indian PSA tape manufacturer, it is also imperative that we keep an eye on world developments in the world of PSA tapes. The following five have caught our fancy:

01. Nano Magic Tape: This Tape enables one to easily stick items on the wall or floor compared to the traditional approach and also organise cables. Nano Magic Tape offers a special feature as it can be washed and reused several times. Nano Magic Tape does not leave any residue traces behind and consists of a strong adhesive force. It consists of double sided grip so it can hold up a decent amount of weight.

Nano Magic Tape

02. Stitches Tape: Stitches Tape is going to make life simple for many surgeons and doctors in emergency rooms as it provides simple solution to surgical stitching issues. In the near future this will be a prominent replacement for stitches for any wounds requiring stitches. Wound closure tapes are composed of reinforced microporous surgical adhesive tape. It prevents scarring compared to conventional method of stapling or taking stitches.

Stitches Tape Are Used In Wound Closure

03. Masking Tape Art: The tape that is also famously known as Painters Tape is mainly used to mask off the areas that should be avoided while painting. The tape art is the advanced level graffiti art work. It can be installed smoothly and could be applied on various surfaces like wood, stone, asphalt or glass.

Masking Tape Art Famously Known As Painters Tape

04. Lighting & Magic Tape: This is a form of work where light strips are stuck on the tape. These could be used for multi-purpose like in clubs or night drives.

Lighting & Magic Tape

05. Magnetic Tape: The tape possesses of 2 layers of opposite charged magnetic. Magnetic Tape offers flexibility and durability as superior quality and enduring anisotropic magnets are used. This premium quality tape is used for craft projects, graphics, banner signs & DIY projects, but are yet to be used in modern IT.

Magnetic Tape

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