The Indian PSA market is set to grow at 7.4% from 2.0 billion square meters of PSA tapes to 3.3 billion square meters. The major factors driving the growth in this industry is diverse end-use in a wide variety of sectors right from medical, healthcare, electrical, electronics, automotive, construction etc., as well as rapid urbanisation and industrialization. 

Adhesive Specialities is a pioneering business organization that has been committed to quality and reliability. Equipped with a state-of-the-art testing lab, an in-house R&D facility and a well-trained workforce, their ISO 9001:2015 company manufactures more than 200 types of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes. Unlike other companies in this sector, Adhesive Specialities is purely driven by passion and love for PSA tapes as it allows them to innovate and develop newer products that eases the operational difficulties faced by other industrial sectors. And now, Adhesive Specialities is one of the top 5 manufacturers in specialised Industrial PSA tapes by Industry Outlook Magazine.

Industry Outlook – Awarded Adhesive Specialities as the top 10 Industrial Tapes Manufacturers

Adhesive Specialities takes immense pride in being pioneers and one of the industry leaders manufacturing Masking Tapes, Cross Filament Tapes, Polyimide Tapes in India and be a part of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar’ initiatives called upon by the honorable Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Adhesive Specialities, take special interest in developing and offering customer specific products and accordingly have an in-house R&D facility with a team of experts who help in developing products specific to the customer’s needs and requirements. The company’s R&D team has successfully developed more than 390 products out of which 240 products are already being manufactured on a regular basis and is supplied to over 3000 customers. Adhesive Specialities offers a complete range of tissue tapes in various thicknesses with different adhesives like hotmelt, solvent etc. The anti-wrapping and anti-rebounding properties of the tissue tape enables the tape to be extensively used in various applications from television sets, earphones, loud-speakers, LED lights sticking. The company’s HVAC tapes seal, insulate, joins various industrial pipes and ducts over a wide range of temperatures and tensile strength. Some of the HVAC tapes also acts as an ideal vapour and moisture barrier. 

Adhesive Specialities believes that the key strength of any company lies in their employees and similarly Adhesive Specialities key strength are their 10 marketing executives aggressively marketing company products Pan-India and they are ably supported by production team optimally doing production at their Bangalore, Vadodara and Indore factories. The R&D team also ensures that any roadblocks are removed so that the marketing and production teams have a smooth run.  Apart from this, the company’s focus on Quality At Any Cost, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation & Product Development, Adhesive Specialities Team = Family, and philosophy of No One Is Above The Company helps them to stand out from the rest in the industry.  

Mr. Jay Shah – MD, Adhesive Specialities

Adding more about their future plans, Jay Shah, MD of Adhesive Specialities says, “Our company strictly adheres to its core principle of manufacturing quality products in-house rather than depending on imports from other countries like China wherein the factors are not in our control and are dependent on others. Today, due to our manufacturing of 95% of products in-house is one of the major driving factors that differentiates us from our competitors. Adhesive Specialities mission is to stay committed to manufacturing and supply quality SUN brand PSA tapes and to keep exceeding customer expectations. The company also commits to offer solutions and manufacture and supply quality SUN brand PSA tapes as per industry and customer specifications. The vision is to be the preferred first choice brand of PSA tapes for customers and to be an industry leader in this sector with innovations and newer product developments”.

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