Covid 19 has ravaged the world for more than a year now. As of 10th May 2021, the disease has affected more than 150 million people in 220 countries and territories and the numbers keep increasing every day.

Our front-line warriors: the doctors, nurses, first responders and all those out on the field are putting their own lives at risk.  They are staying away from their own families to not expose them to Covid and putting in extra overtime hours to treat those who are infected. 

These people deserve the absolute best protection that can be offered to them. PPE kits and masks are an absolute must, but in addition to that companies like Adhesive Specialities, have a great range of adhesive products that should be used in addition to the PPE kits and masks.  These products are not just relevant to the front-line warriors but to corporates, industries, and every individual.

Types of Adhesive Tapes that can offer better protection against Covid 19

There are several tapes that can help enhance protection against the virus, some of the most effective ones are as follows:

PPE Seam Sealing Self Adhesive Tape

This tape is made from a specially treated PP film which also has a special EVA antibacterial formulated adhesive and is designed for protective wear.  It is used to seal seams in non-woven protective clothing used by medical and health-care personnel. The product is suitable to be used in low temperature and has fast bonding and high adhesion properties.

PPE Seam Sealing Heat Activated Tape

The tape is similar to the PPE Seam Sealing Self Adhesive Tape, the main difference is that this tape needs to be applied with a heat-sealing machine.

D/s Tissue Tape

The double-sided Tissue Tapes are generally available in several sizes. The tapes are lightweight tissue which are coated with Hotmelt or Acrylic adhesives. In the pandemic, this tape can be used be used to secure the PPE suits for the medical teams and first responders.

D/s Polyester Tape

The Double Side Polyester Tape is a polyester film coated with solvent acrylic adhesive on both the sides for a quick bonding effect. The tape has a flexible carrier material and a strong adhesive strength for curved surfaces.  This tape is extremely helpful in the manufacturing of face shields, it can be used to join the foam padding with the shield sheet especially since it has excellent heat and moisture resistance.

Lane Marking Tape

The Lane Marking Tape generally has a specifically formulated rubber adhesive coating on PVC that aids in adhesion, tack and good cohesion strength. The tape also needs to have good resistance to solvent, oil and generally water. With social distancing being the norms, the lane marking tape which is applied using a Lane Marking Machine is ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors to demark boxes with a minimum distance of at least 6 feet away for people to stand in.

Anti-Skid Tape

Most hospitals are an extremely busy place throughout the year, but with the Covid 19 pandemic the traffic can be like an express highway with people rushing in and out. To ensure the safety of the medical teams as well as the patients, it is extremely imperative for hospitals to use anti-slip or anti-skid tapes.  These tapes which are generally made from a special water and solvent proof material, is primarily used to make a surface slip resistant to prevent slipping/skidding on dry, wet, or oily floors. They can be used on the ramps, stairways, emergency exits and any other place which experiences an extremely high footfall traffic.

Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat

As a thumb rule, we all prefer our environments to be as germ, dust, dirt etc. free as possible. Covid 19 has taken that even a step further, with the disease relentlessly attacking an individual’s immunity, everyone must be even more careful, especially medical institutions and clinics. The Sticky Mat is used as a dust absorbing pad and is suitable to use at a room’s entrance so that it can keep it clean. The mat has peel off sheets which effectively removes dust from the shoe sole and heel to drastically minimize dust effect in the environment and maintain a clean surface. The mat is extremely easy to use and can be kept at the entrance of one’s home too.

PE Foam Tape

The Pe Foam Tape is also an excellent tape that is used for face shields. It provides the foam padding for the face shields and has exceptionally good adhesion and high shear strength.

Covid 19 is a pandemic that has affected the whole world, some countries are still being ravaged by the disease whereas others are slowly recovering. With this disease the main thing we can say is that we should do whatever is possible from our side to keep us, our loved ones and those around us safe and protected. The front-line warriors deserve the best possible protection that can be given to them, but we also are responsible that we keep ourselves safe too.

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