The Signage Industry has one of the largest markets across the globe. There is a considerable progression in the advertising segment and the Indian advertising industry is growing by leaps and bound. This growth has also positively impacted the outdoor digital advertising medium over the last few years.

In the Signage Industry there is a tape that is regularly used, and that is known as the Application Tape or the Paper Lifting Tape.

What is the Application Tape Made of? And How is it Used?

Adhesive Specialities’ Application Tape is made from a special flat back paper coated with solvent adhesive and can be successfully used to transfer the letters or stickers on to the required substrate.

How is the Application tape used in the Signage industry?

The Signage industry mainly uses Vinyl sheets for making Letters, Logos, Stickers etc.

After punching the required details of the Vinyl sheets, the details must be transferred to the respective substrates (i.e., Glass, Car Doors, Bike’s Number Plate, Banners). The Application Tape is used for lifting, without damaging, the punched-out details from the vinyl sheets and for smooth transfer to the required substrate.  

How is the Application Tape Applied?

There are only two ways to apply the tape to the vinyl sheets:

  1. Using the Lamination Machine
  2. By Manually holding the tape

The punched vinyl sheet must be placed under the machine with the correct alignment so that the tape will be properly applied to the sheet without any tension.

While applying the tape manually, one must paste the tape on one side and apply the tape to the other end of the sheet with equal and even pressure with the help of the squeegee

Application of the Tape

Other uses of the Application Tape:

The Application Tape is not only used for lifting punched out detail from vinyl films, but is also used for non-laminated/liquid lamination films because those films are notoriously thin and can stretch easily once the backing paper is released. Thus to avoid damage to the film, one can use the application tape to pre-mask the surface to get a neat finish of the film.  The tape can also be used for removing dirt from car windshields or to carve a design on the car fenders or doors.

Important Features of the Application Tape manufactured by Adhesive Specialities!

  • High quality flat back crepe paper with a thickness of 55 gsm
  • Adhesive – Solvent
  • Total Thickness – 87 gsm
  • Tensile Strength – 7.2 kg
  • No residue left on the surface.
  • Best for general purpose use as pre-space & decal transfer.
  • Suitable for all graphic applications.
  • Available in variable sizes.

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