A process for edging an optical lens for conforming the optical lens to the size and shape of a lens frame into which the optical lens is to be accommodated, said process comprises:

1. Providing an optical lens having a convex surface, the convex surface is provided with an anti-smudge topcoat rendering the optical lens inappropriate for edging; 

2. Fixing a mounting element on the convex surface of the optical lens, preferably on its center, by means of an adhesive pad adhering both to the mounting element and the convex surface of the optical lens to form a mounting element/optical lens assembly;

3. Placing the mounting element/optical lens assembly in a grinding machine so that the optical lens is firmly maintained; 

4. Edging the optical lens to the intended size and shape, wherein, prior to step 2 of fixing the mounting element, the anti-smudge topcoat on the convex surface of the optical lens is pre-treated with a solvent selected from the group consisting of alkanols and diallyl ketones under mechanical stress.

For the lens edging process to be successful (the final shaping of an ophthalmic lens), the mounting element must be precisely centred on the convex surface of the optical lens – preventing slippage and guaranteeing high reliability. Blocking pads are the only component to secure the lens in place during the abrasive edge process, and the performance of the pad is crucial to enabling prescription fulfilment. 

One of the recent developments of Adhesive Specialities is a blocking pad and Intermediary Film Pads or Non-Slip Disks.

The right lens blocking pad is crucial to obtaining a perfect edging result. Better edging means minimal waste due to broken or improperly shaped lenses, which leads to less wasted materials and time.

Our blocking pads come in a wide variety of different styles customized for different machines, cuts, and lens types. 

We offer lens blocking pad rolls at our usual low prices. Our goal is to ensure that your company is able to find the high-quality pads that you need at the prices you want to pay. Using the blocking pads by Adhesive Specialities, you can feel confident that you’re getting a strong grip, which will adhere properly to your materials and hold them securely during the edging process. This secure grip will help your machine achieve optimal edging precision with minimal waste and minimal time.

Edging Machines

Also, Adhesive Specialities provides an Intermediary Film Disk on a Non-Slip disk which features an easy-lift tab for quick removal. The Intermediary Film Disks or Non-slip disks, reduce slippage while edging Hydrophobic-Coated Lenses. The adhesive side of the clear, thin film pad is placed on the lens surface, and the blocking pad is attached on top of the nonslip disk. After edging, removing the disk is very easy and clean. 

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