Textile printing is a critical aspect of the garment industry and can also be an untidy process. Many a times, the process of screen printing can become messy which in turn affects the production time.

Adhesive Specialities firmly believes in providing easy and effective solutions to our end users, which would benefit them in the long run.

Recently under the guidance of their Research and Development Team, Adhesive Specialities has launched the Pallet Tape with a rubber adhesive that would be a great asset to the garment industry.

What is the Pallet Tape?

Adhesive Specialities’ Pallet Tape is a self – adhesive tape that can be used during screen-printing.

How can the Pallet Tape be used during Screen Printing?

During the process of screen printing, a press or pallet is used to carry out the printing, and various spray and inks are used for printing graphics, logos, or complex designs, which can get the pallets messy and leave stains on them. This becomes a time-consuming affair, as it would require continuous cleaning of the pallet and interrupt the production.

The Pallet Tape can be used to mask off the pallets or the platen to avoid any scratches or unwanted marks and to make them more durable. The adhesive tape can protect the platen and the equipment, which would enable the garment manufacturers to provide better and higher quality products to their customers.

What are the advantages of using a Pallet Tape?

Adhesive Specialities’ Pallet Paper Tape provides complete clean and easy removal, which means it does not leave any adhesive, bubbles, or marks behind on the platen. This will maintain the quality of the platen for a long time. It also can be applied easily without any additional efforts.  Another major advantage of using Pallet Tapes is that the use of cleaning solvents (used to clean the platens/pallets) are reduced majorly, which helps for a better environment and also reduces the cost of production.

In a summary, what are the key features of Adhesive Specialities’ Pallet Tape?

  1.  Clean & Easy Removal
  2.  Adheres quickly to the surface
  3.  Total Thickness: 120 microns
  4.  Base Material: special flattened paper
  5.  Our Adhesive Tape can withstand up to 180 degrees Celsius
  6.  Can be suitable for various pallet shapes

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