Adhesive Specialities provides solutions for the Covid-19 PPE kit requirements.

Adhesive Specialities pledges to manufacture quality products, useful for Covid-19 protection PPE kits, under Sun Brand Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes. Covid-19 protective adhesive tapes are designed to ensure safety and protection to the front row warriors wearing personal protection kits. The Covid-19 adhesive tapes are useful for medical clothing protection, general purposes, for marking hazards and aisles, lane and marking, social distancing, anti-slipping, ground, walkway and pipeline markings. 

What are the Covid-19 adhesive tapes used for?

Mostly designed for protective medical clothing, the purpose of Covid-19 protection adhesive tapes is to seal seams in non-woven protective clothing used by professional healthcare and medical workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Adhesive Specialities offers tapes with excellent adhesion to suit all kinds of fabrics and requirements. The Covid-19 adhesive tapes are suitable for various applications, and suit all also available in various levels of thickness. 

Our adhesive tapes offer strong reinforcement in high stressed areas, and reduces the number of ruptures. 

Properties of Covid-19 Protection Adhesive Tapes:

  1. SITRA approved
  2. In-house manufacturing and quality assurance
  3. Excellent adhesion quality
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Specially formulated adhesive
  6. Suitable for various applications
  7. Safety assured

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