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General Tapes – Adhesive Specialities


General Tapes :

Adhesive Specialities manufactures general tapes, used for general masking applications. These general purpose tapes are ideal for packaging, sealing and splicing applications. These tapes provide a strong temporary solution, which is suitable for simple, everyday application and easy to peel off.

General tapes are perfect for cold temperature applications. They have a superior adhesive bond, that holds on to various surfaces. General tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialities are available in many different variants, in different colours and thicknesses.


BOPP Tapes :

BOPP Tape manufactured by Adhesive Specialities is BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) film is coated with acrylic emulsion adhesive. BOPP tapes have a good tensile strength. The strong grip is ensured because of an excellent adhesive backing. It is available in brown or transparent colour.

What are the properties of BOPP Tapes?

  1. 4 colour printing can be done on BOPP Tapes.
  2. Available in transparent & brown colour.
  3. Thickness available from 40 mic to 100 mic.

What are the uses of BOPP Tapes?

  1. BOPP Tape is a good choice for bundling and strapping of heavy cartons packing and general applications.
  2. Suitable for packing application for various types of corrugated cartons.
  3. Ideal for all-purpose packaging.


BOPP Tapes – Rubber Base :

BOPP Tape – Rubber Based from Adhesive Specialities, have high tack and adhesion to surface. The strong adhesion is ensured because of an excellent adhesive backing. This particular BOPP Tape can withstand temperature from -25°C to 60°C. It is available in brown or transparent colour.

What are the properties of BOPP Tapes – Rubber Base?

  1. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is coated with natural rubber adhesive.
  2. Available in transparent & brown colour.
  3. It sticks on all types of surfaces, paper, plastic, wood, glass, fibre, metal etc.

What are the uses of BOPP Tapes – Rubber Base?

  1. Rubber Base BOPP Tapes are suitable for cold temperature packaging.
  2. Useful in screen printing application.


Cellulose Tapes :

Cellulose Tape by Adhesive Specialities is manufactured from cellulose film which is a wood based product of regenerated pulp. This clear transparent Cellulose Tape is coated with specially formulated rubber resin adhesive.

What are the properties of Cellulose Tapes?

  • Cellulose tapes have good, strong adhesion and cohesion

What are the uses of Cellulose Tapes?

  1. Ideal for light packaging, sealing & splicing applications.
  2. Used by masking applications by graphic designers.
  3. Cellulose Tape is used for sealing of plastic bags, small boxes, lightweight cartons, gift and hamper wrapping, air tight sealing of can lids, glass container, textile packaging, screen printing etc.
  4. It is sometimes also used as an antistatic tape application.


Masking Liquid :

Masking Liquid – High Temperature, from Adhesive Specialities is a protective coating that dries to form a contour-hugging skin tight protective film. It is recognized and used by customers who understand the value of protecting substrates during fabrication, assembly and shipment. The coating on the masking liquid is a temporary protective coating and so the adhesion is low. The tough peel-able coating on the masking liquid is still the best method of preventing scratches and abrasions. It is easily removable from the surface without leaving any residue. It also acts as a masking agent against paint overspray.

Masking Liquid – Booth Coat by Adhesive Specialities is a temporary clear coating for spray painting booth’s walls, ceiling, floor and other surfaces where accumulated paint over-spray can be removed easily. Masking Liquid – Booth Coat can also be used as a coating for steel surfaces to eliminate flash rusting or as protection on glass, plexiglass, rubber, cement, aluminium and many such hard surfaces. Booth Coat represents the ultimate in non-solvent coatings as it is well stabilized against brittleness and will not be softened or penetrated by most solvent-based paints. Booth Coat has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

What are the properties of Masking Liquid?

  1. Can be simply peeled off when not required without any damage to the substrate surface.
  2. Liquid Masking is available in different variants namely:

              – High Temperature Liquid Masking

            – Booth Coat Liquid Masking.

  • Masking liquid can be applied by spraying, paint roller or brush and leave it to dry.
  • The coating can be removed without any residue.

What are the uses of Masking Liquid?

  1. Masking liquid provides temporary protection or long-term preservation of floor, walls & ceilings in paint booths.
  2. Masking Liquid – High Temperature offers cost-effective protection during storage, transport and fitting as it is weather resistant, withstands hazards, scratching and solvent overspray.
  3. Masking Liquid – Booth Coat’s proper application results in a tough film of uniform thickness with no sagging, less application time and minimal clean-up.
  4. Waterborne clear peel-able coating can be used wherever temporary protective coatings are needed to reduce clean-up problems.
  5. Masking Liquid – Booth Coat can be used in spray-booths, floors, windows, walls, machinery, equipment or wherever there is paint over-spray problem, clean-up problem or an emission problem.