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Polyester Tapes – Adhesive Specialities 


Polyester Tapes :

Adhesive Specialties’ Polyester Adhesive Tapes are apt for insulation applications requiring thin and durable materials with high dielectric strength, these adhesive tapes are chemical solvent and moisture resistant, flame retardant, low and high temperature resistant, aging resistant, UV resistant. Polyester adhesive tapes have high grade silicone adhesive. 

The uses of these adhesive tapes include core, layer and final insulation of coils and oil-filled transformers, general electrical insulation requiring high impact and tensile strength, paint adhesion testing, Laminating wood to fibre doors during manufacturing, variety of splicing applications, securing soundproofing to aluminum sheet, used in signage industry for fixing banner and many more.


Coloured Polyester Tapes : 

Coloured Polyester Tape from Adhesive Specialities is made from polyester film coated with a special formulation of acrylic adhesive which displays excellent resistance to temperature, voltage, weather, and varnish. Coloured Polyester Adhesive Tape is suitable for fastening and insulation objects such as high/low voltage transformers, power supply units, electronic motors, and coils. 

What are the properties of Coloured Polyester Tapes?

  1. Coloured polyester adhesive tapes are chemical, solvent, and moisture resistant.
  2. Coloured Polyester Adhesive Tapes are flame retardant.
  3. Available in a range of colours and thicknesses.
  4. Available with acrylic or thermosetting rubber adhesives.

What are the uses of Coloured Polyester Tapes?

  1. Adhesive Specialities polyester electrical adhesive tape is apt for insulation applications requiring thin and durable materials with high dielectric strength.
  2. Used in the core, layer, and final insulation of coils and oil-filled transformers.
  3. General electrical insulation requires high impact and tensile strength.


Cross Hatch Tester Tapes :

Cross Hatch Tester Adhesive Tape from Adhesive Specialities  is in accordance with ASTM D3359 specification and is used with Cross Hatch Tester. The Cross Hatch Tester Adhesive Tape assesses the bonding quality between the paint and the substrate easily, quickly and efficiently.

Cross Hatch Tester Adhesive Tape is used for checking the adhesion of the paint coating after making the insertion with the Cross Hatch Tester. You need to apply the pressure sensitive adhesive tape and remove it to get the cross- hatch pattern. Looking at this pattern you can come to a conclusion as to the adhesion of the paint coating.

What are the properties of Cross Hatch Tester Tapes?

  1. Cross Hatch Tester Adhesive Tapes are ASTM D3359 Compliant.
  2. Used for paint adhesion testing.

How to complete an adhesion test on Cross Hatch Tester Tapes?

  1. Place the cutting edge on the cross hatch adhesion tester on the desired surface
  2. Press down gently onto the area, pulling the adhesion tester towards you in one fluid movement to make a series of steady, parallel cuts along the area approximately 20cm long
  3.  Place the cross hatch adhesion tester at a 90 degree angle to the first cut and repeat step 2, creating a lattice pattern onto the surface coating
  4. Brush the area lightly along the lattice to get rid of any loose debris
  5. Inspect area to see if the cuts have penetrated through the coating
  6. Remove and discard 2 complete turns of the adhesive tape.
  7. Remove an additional length of tape approximately 75mm from this length
  8. Place this cut piece of tape in the center of the lattice, remembering to smooth it down with your finger and rubbing firmly with your nail to create a good adhesion application between the tape and coating
  9.  Within 5 minutes of applying the tape, pull it off with one smooth movement at approximately 1 second at a 60 degree angle to the surface
  10. With tape, apply to a transparent film to maintain a permanent record
  11. Access the coating adhesion by viewing the lattice cuts in good lighting and compare these cuts to the ISO/JIS standards table.

Double Sided Polyester Tapes :

Double Sided Polyester Adhesive Tape manufactured by Adhesive Specialities, is a high grade – polyester film coated with solvent acrylic adhesive on both the sides for a quick bonding effect. This polyester adhesive tape has a flexible carrier material, strong adhesive strength for curve, rough surfaces and other similar objects. These adhesive tapes have excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance and strong adhesion properties and are convenient in use for any general application.

What are the properties of Double Sided Polyester Tapes?

  1. D/s polyester adhesive tapes have excellent adhesion, good temperature and humidity resistance.
  2. Coated with strong acrylic solvent adhesive with a wetness quotient on two sides with a super thin but flexible carrier.
  3. Quick bonding effect.
  4. Low & high temperature resistant.
  5. Ageing resistant.
  6. D/s polyester adhesive tapes are UV resistant.
  7. Securing soundproofing to aluminium sheets.
  8. Laminates wood to fibre doors during manufacturing.

What are the uses of Double Sided Polyester Tapes?

  1. D/s polyester adhesive tapes are suitable for a variety of splicing applications.
  2. Used in the signage industry for fixing banners.
  3. Used in the bonding of automobile ABS parts, furniture decoration parts, mobile phone battery compartments and lens
  4. It is also widely used in sticking metal labels permanently



Die Cuts :

Die Cuts from Adhesive Specialities have a versatile usage capacity and are used for purposes including, EMI shielding, Flex connectors etc. At Adhesive Specialities, die cuts are available in the form of Foil tapes, Masking discs, Solar panel tapes, Electroplating anodizing masking, Polyamide die cuts, Sandblast masking, Masking during paint applications, Antistatic masking, Die cut frames, Specialty shapes, Polyester die cuts, Vin plate masking, Insulated pre forms, Powder coated masking, Foam die cuts,  copper pre forms. Die Cuts can also be custom designed, in different shapes and sizes as per customer requirement. 

What are the properties of Die Cuts?

  1. EMI Shielding
  2. Flex Connectors
  3. Thermal Management
  4. Masking Discs, etc. 


What are the uses of Die Cuts?

  1. Sandblast masking
  2. Masking during paint applications
  3. Anti Static masking
  4. Die cut frames
  5. Speciality shapes
  6. Polyester die cuts
  7. Vin Plate masking, etc.

Polyester Powder Coating Tape: 

Powder Coating Tape is a polyester film coated with silicone adhesive. These adhesive tapes can be used in a large variety of high-temperature applications. The specification is very similar to polyimide adhesive tape except the backing material is polyester film.

What are the properties of Polyester Powder Coating Tapes?

  1. High-grade Silicon adhesive.
  2. Moisture resistant.
  3. Chemical and solvent resistance.
  4. Polyester powder coating adhesive tapes are abrasion-resistant.
  5. Good shear resistance.
  6. Clean removal without residue.
  7. Outstanding dielectric strength.
  8. High tack.
  9. Excellent ageing and weathering properties.

What are the uses of Polyester Powder Coating Tapes?

  1. Polyester powder coating tapes are used as high-Temperature Masking during powder coating applications, PCB manufacturing, chemical etching.
  2. In the aerospace field for flash breakers.
  3. Splicing of silicone coated paper.
  4. These adhesive tapes are available in Green, Blue, and Red Colours.
  5. Thickness:1 and 2mil.


Polyester Tape Hot Melt :

Our low cost single sided polyester tape is made from a special grade of hotmelt adhesive. It is mainly used in the label and electronic industry for backing support. 

Metalized Polyester Tapes : 

Adhesive Specialties manufactures Metalized Polyester Films with brilliant mirrors like finishes with thermal and chemical stability. 

What are the properties of Metalized Polyester Tapes?

  1. Metalized Polyester Film is brilliant.
  2. Vibrant mirror-like finish.
  3. Excellent chemical and thermal stability.

What are the uses of Metalized Polyester Tapes?

  1. Metalized polyester adhesive tapes are used in the industrial and graphic arts industries for decorative trim, automotive trim, nameplates, electric appliances, advertising displays, etc.
  2. For microfilm splicing and as reflective shielding.
  3. Splice detection.
  4. Applications where reflectivity and low emissivity are desired.
  5. Certain applications require a conductive surface.
  6. Decorating and identifying.

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