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  • Die Cuts

    • EMI Shielding
    • Flex Connectors
    • Thermal Management
    • Foil tapes
    • Masking Discs
    • Solar panel Tapes
    • Electroplating, anodizing masking
    • Polyimide die cuts
    • Sand blast masking
    • Masking during paint applications
    • Antistatic masking
    • Die cut frames
    • Speciality shapes
    • Polyester die cuts
    • Vin Plate masking
    • Insulated pre forms
    • Powder coat masking
    • Foam die cuts
    • Copper pre forms
    • Can be custom designed in shape & size as per customer’s requirement.
    • Available in roll kiss cut & sheet form.
  • Washi Tape (Tissue Masking)

    • Washi tape is a high-quality masking tape made of rice paper.
    • Provides best fine line in paper masking tapes.
    • Used for any masking application up to 130°C.
    • Hand tear able.
    • Residue free.
    • Provisional fixation and packaging.
    • Masking of vehicle, car, building, etc.
    More about Washi Tapes

    What are Washi or Tissue Masking Adhesive Tapes?

    Adhesive Specialities manufactures Washi Tape,  also known as Tissue Masking Tape, which is made from special soft paper suitable to use for any masking application up to 130°C. This adhesive tape is formulated in such a way that it can also take sharp curves and can be used against fine line tape in most of the applications. Also, it is thinner than normal masking tape and easily hand tear-able. The paint deposit on the masked side also reduces giving a smoother finish to the surface. Washi adhesive tapes are excellent for applications in paint and coatings. 


    Washi Adhesive Tape is used for spray painting of automobiles, coloured metal, glass baking, coated panels, sports equipment, rubber and plastic parts & components. Moreover, this adhesive tape can be easily removed after use without leaving any residue.


    Washi Tape Uses and Properties :


    • Washi tape or tissue masking adhesive tape is a high-quality masking tape made of rice paper. Thus, it is used for paint and coatings, also in the automotive industry.
    • Washi adhesive tapes provide the best fine line in paper masking tapes.
    • These adhesive tapes can be used for any masking application up to 130°C. It has extreme temperature withstanding properties.
    • Due to its thinner texture, washi tapes are easily hand tear-able.
    • The paper based formulation also makes this adhesive tape residue free.
    • Washi adhesive tapes may be used as provisional fixation and packaging.
    • It may also be used for masking of vehicles, cars, buildings, etc.


    Uses of Washi or Tissue Masking Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

    Automotive Industry :

    Adhesive Specialities manufactures specialised tapes for the Automotive Industry. Washi Tape or Tissue Masking Adhesive Tape is one of the specialized tapes widely used in the Automotive Industry. Washi Tape is a high quality masking tape used for

    paint and coatings in automotives. Reach to our R&D team at Adhesive Specialities today, to get the perfect suitable solution for your adhesive tape requirements.


    Paint and Coatings Industry :

    Adhesive Specialities manufactures a wide range of adhesive tapes, including Washi Tapes or Tissue Masking Tapes, suitable for the paint and coatings industry. They are formulated with rice paper, for easy use and clean removal. Washi Tape or Tissue Masking adhesive tapes may be used for exterior and interior masking on different surfaces, and ensure residue free removal, even on glossy surfaces. These adhesive tapes are residue free, water resistant, hand tearable and can withstand extreme temperatures. 

     Reach out to us at Adhesive Specialities today, to get the most suitable adhesive tape solution for your requirements. 

  • Double Sided Tissue Tape

    • Double Side Tissue Tape is lightweight tissue coated with Hotmelt or Acrylic adhesives.
    • The tissue tapes have anti-rebounding & anti-wrapping property specially designed to be used in television sets, earphones, loud-speakers, sound box, gift packing of smooth surfaces and LED sticking.
    • High tack allows for multiple usages.
    • Ideal for nameplate fixing, plastic film lamination/bonding, foam bonding.
    • Splicing.
    • Recommended for mounting light objects.
    • Securing backing & fabric in embroidery.
    • Used in shoe, leather, paper, white goods industry as well as in postal & carpet fixing jobs.
    • Available in 60 mic, 80 mic110 mic, 120 mic hotmelt & 120 mic acrylic.
    More About D/s Tissue Tapes

    What is D/s Tissue Tape?

    On both sides, Double Sided Tissue Tape is covered with a hotmelt adhesive and has an easy-peel liner. D/S tissue tapes as it is covered with a solvent adhesive, can withstand high temperatures. It has great heat and temperature resistance, as well as strong adhesion and holding power. 

    Double Sided Tissue Tape is used to adhere poly bags and paper, to hold and combine light weight items, to fasten ornament hooks or signpost boards, and in the shoe and leather industries, among other things. The solvent adhesion tape is beneficial since it can be used with a variety of materials, including LSE, and is appropriate for glueing membrane switches, signs, and plastic components. 

    Uses and Properties of Double sided Tissue Tape:

    • Tissue tape with two sides is made of lightweight tissue covered with either Hotmelt or Acrylic adhesive. 
    • The tape has a strong adhesive that enables for many applications. 
    • These tissue adhesive tapes may be used to fix tasks in the shoe, leather, paper, white goods, postal, and carpet industries. 
    • Name plate fastening, plastic film lamination/bonding, and foam bonding are all possible using D/s tissue tapes. 
    • The anti-rebounding and anti-wrapping tissue tapes are specifically intended for use in television sets, earphones, loudspeakers, sound boxes, gift wrapping of smooth surfaces, and LED sticking. 
    • The tapes are used to keep the backing and cloth in place when embroidering. 
    • These tissue tapes are ideal for securing little items. 
    • Splicing may also be done using these sticky tapes. 
    • Double-sided tissue tapes in 60 mic, 80 mic, 90 mic, 110 mic, and 120 mic are available with tape manufacturer, Adhesive Specialties.

    Uses of D/s Tissue Tape in Various Industries : 

    Covid 19 Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties produces double-sided adhesive tapes to help in the application of the COVID-19 Protocol, which calls for maintaining social distance in public spaces, workplaces, and industries. 

    These adhesive tapes may be used several times to fasten plates, bond foam, and laminate plastic sheets.

    Electronic Industry:

    Electrical wires and cables are insulated using pressure sensitive double-sided tissue tapes. Adhesive Specialities in Bangalore makes these tissue tapes for applications in the electronics industry. D/s tissue tapes are available in a range of thicknesses and may be coated with either hotmelt or acrylic adhesives. 

    Tissue tapes feature anti-wrapping and anti-rebounding qualities that are ideal for televisions, headphones, speakers, sound boxes, and a variety of other devices.

    Garment Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties’ Double sided tissue tape is extensively used in the garment industry for a range of applications due to its flexibility and excellent adhesive strength. These double-sided tapes are used in the clothing industry for holding and packaging reasons. 

    Tissue tapes are used to keep the backing and cloth in place when embroidering. These doubled sided tissue tapes may also be used to fix shoes, carpets, leather among other fabrics and articles. 

    LED Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties is an Indian tape manufacturer that specialises in developing specialised adhesive tapes for the LED sector. LEDs are adhered to flat surfaces using these adhesive adhesives. 

    LED gadgets benefit from adhesive tapes, which may also be utilised to mould lighter items. Tissue tapes have a tack that permits them to be reused.

    Printing, Packaging & Signage Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is an adhesive tape producer established in India that specialises in the printing, packaging, and signs industries. The most recent in-house product is double-sided tissue tape, which is extensively used in this industry. 

    Adhesive Specialties makes high-adherence application adhesive tapes. These tapes may be used for splicing as well as gift packing.

  • Repulpable Tissue Tape

    • Repulpable Tissue Tape is a light weight tissue coated with repulpable adhesive on both sides.
    • High temperature resistance.
    • Used in paper and pulp industry for splicing in

    – Finished Mill Splice

    – Web Offset Splice

    – Butt Splice (Simple)

    – Double Butt Splice (Tapes Centred)

    – Double Butt Splice (Tapes Off Centred)