Masking Tape

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    Masking Tape

    • Adhesive Specialities offers a wide range of choice in crepe paper masking tapes.
    • General purpose.
    • Industrial applications.
    • Automotive industry.
    • Chemical resistant & high temperature masking solutions.
    • Masking for indoor painting.
    • Masking in furniture industry.
    More About Masking Tapes

    What is Masking Tape?

    Bangalore-based Adhesive Specialities manufacturers 5 types of masking tapes that are of various coatings and serve different industries.  Masking Tape 01 is a high-quality automotive tape with a natural rubber adhesive. This tape was created to assist protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, produce crisp paint lines, and be simply and neatly removed once the job is over. It is UV resistant and resists solvents or water from the paint. It’s also robust enough to hold plastic sheeting while yet allowing it to be removed without hurting the surface. For important paint masking applications, the tape can conform to curved and uneven surfaces. Masking Tape 02 is a multipurpose masking tape with an acrylic emulsion adhesive coating. Used in general applications. Masking Tape 04 is a hotmelt adhesive-coated general-purpose masking tape. This adhesive tape is simple to apply and is suggested for general indoor usage at a constant temperature in the wood industry. It adheres nicely to a variety of surfaces, both smooth and uneven, and is suitable with both solvent and water-based paints. It is simple to rip by hand and ensures that it may be removed quickly and easily. Masking Tape 05Y is resin impregnated crepe paper covered with high tack pressure-sensitive natural rubber based adhesive. The tape was created to assist protect adjacent surfaces from overspray, produce crisp paint lines, and be simply and neatly removed after the job is done. For important paint masking applications in the automobile sector, the crepe paper backing can conform to curved and uneven surfaces. The tape shreds readily by hand, allowing for tool-free application.  Masking Tape 06 is a resin-impregnated crepe paper with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive that has a strong tack. This tape is designed to assist protect adjacent surfaces from overspray and produce clean paint lines by adhering effectively and resisting solvent or water from the paint. When done, the tape may be quickly and neatly removed. For important paint masking applications in the automobile sector, the crepe paper backing can conform to curved and uneven surfaces.  

    Masking Tape Uses and Properties :

    • Bangalore based, Adhesive Specialities offers a wide range of choice in crepe paper masking tapes.
    • The masking tapes that are manufactured in Bangalore can be used for general everyday purposes.
    • It can also be used for industrial applications.
    • Automotive industry also uses these masking tapes that are manufactured in India.
    • These adhesive tapes have chemical resistant & high temperature masking solutions.
    • One can mask walls for indoor painting purposes using these white masking tapes. 
    • Furniture industry also uses adhesive masking tapes. 

    Uses of Masking Tape in Various Industries : 

    Aerospace Industry: 

    Bangalore-based Adhesive Specialties specialises in aeronautical tape. Because of its exceptional adhesive characteristics,  Masking sticky tapes are commonly used. These adhesive tapes can be used for flash breakers, general purpose indoor and outdoor sealing, and more.  These adhesive tapes are perfect for aircraft applications since they can tolerate high temperatures. Adhesive Specialties produces a comprehensive range of high-quality adhesive tapes that are ideal for this industry’s needs.

    Automotive Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a company that makes specialty tapes for the automotive industry. Adhesive tapes are used extensively in the automobile sector, for anything from heat/electrical protection to internal/external mounting.  Masking tapes are tapes that are covered with natural rubber adhesive and are ideal for this business. These masking tapes are very useful for automotive holdings as they are chemical and temperature resistant.

    Construction & Interior Industry: 

    Masking Tapes are manufactured and developed by Adhesive Specialties to provide safety in practically all industries where there is a risk of accidents and slips, which might result in significant injuries and safety difficulties. The Masking Tapes are highly suggested for usage around building entrances and staircases where individuals are more likely to slip or trip.  Masking Tapes made in India are particularly effective in areas where there is a shift in elevation that might be slick at times. Adhesive Specialties employs the highest-quality raw materials to make this Masking Tape more efficient and long-lasting, so you get more value for your money.

    Electrical Industry: 

    Masking Tapes are made in India by Adhesive Specialities for the electrical industry. These pressure-sensitive masking tapes are used to insulate electrical wires and cables. Electrical adhesive tapes are very sticky, absorb well, and have a longer lifespan. The adhesive tapes are also flame retardant and have high tensile and impact strength. Masking tapes can be used for a variety of applications, including basic insulation. They are extremely long-lasting in nature. Electrical adhesive tapes are comfortable to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    Electronic Industry

    Masking Tapes, which are pressure-sensitive and used to insulate electrical lines and cables, are manufactured by Adhesive Specialities for uses in the electronics sector. Masking sticky tapes come in a variety of colours and thicknesses, as well as several varieties.  Masking tapes are highly adherent, absorb well, are quite durable, and last a long time. Masking tapes for the electronics sector are used to insulate wires and cables in devices that have electricity running through them. These sticky tapes are pleasant to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    HVAC Industry: 

    Thermally insulating masking tape is made by Adhesive Specialties for the HVAC industry and is used to seal and join ducts in HVAC systems. These tapes are perfect for the heating and cooling sectors since they are extremely adhesive and have a high tensile strength. Because of their wide operating temperature range, these Adhesive Specialties masking tapes operate effectively in both hot and cold environments. In roofing applications, these tapes are useful for flashing, joints, and insulation. Because it’s made of high-quality glue with super strong adhesion and holding strength, it’s a very reliable product for sealing joints and seams in industrial pipes for thermal insulation.

    LED Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties is a company that specialises in specialised adhesive tape development for the LED industry. In manufacturing lines for LED light bar modules, aluminium frame bezels, and heat sinks, masking tapes made in Bangalore are used.  Adhesive tapes function well on LED devices and can also be used to hold components in place. Masking adhesive tapes are also suitable for transporting heat from metals and polymers due to their structure and components.

    Paint & Coating Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities, situated in Bangalore, produces masking tapes for the paint and coatings industry. Masking tapes can be used on a number of surfaces, including glossy surfaces, for both exterior and interior masking and leave no residue. Masking tapes are created in Bangalore from high-quality crepe paper. These sticky tapes are used for indoor painting to protect surfaces from paint, dust, and oil spray.

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities, is an India based tape manufacturer that specialises in adhesive tape development for the printing, packaging, and signs industries. The masking tape, which is widely utilised in this business, is our most recent in-house development. White masking tape is used for a variety of purposes, including screen printing and other typical usage. Adhesive Specialities manufactures application adhesive tapes that have high adherence. They work well on a variety of surfaces, both comparable and dissimilar, and in both indoor and outdoor settings. Masking tapes are also very simple and quick to use. Adhesive Specialties has a large range of adhesive tapes that are suitable for this sector.

    Renewable Energy Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties makes adhesive tapes that can withstand the rigours of the renewable energy industry. Adhesive Specialities’ expertise is in mixing the correct blend of materials to create the most appropriate adhesive tape solution with exceptional performance.  Adhesive tapes for the renewable energy industry can endure a variety of conditions. Masking tape is one of the most commonly used tapes in this business and can be utilised for a variety of purposes.

    White Goods Industry : 

    Masking Tape is made by Adhesive Specialties and is used in the White Goods Industry to retain and secure components during transportation. These tapes are popular in this business because they do not leave any residue or adhesive markings when removed. Adhesive Specialties’ tapes also offer excellent adherence to steel, with a weight of up to 950 gms. These tapes are long-lasting and have a high elongation rate. Adhesive Specialties’ masking tapes, which are made in India, offer excellent holding power and can be utilised to hold and secure large components in the White Goods industry. These Masking Tapes are also extremely temperature resistant, allowing them to tolerate a wide range of temperatures for a variety of applications.  

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