Aluminium Foil Tape 30 mic Acrylic Emulsion

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    Aluminium Foil Tape 30 mic Acrylic Emulsion

    • Adhesive Specialities provides wide range of Aluminum Foil Tapes with various adhesives like hotmelt, solvent, silicone & acrylic emulsion.
    • High & low temperature resistance.
    • Used for general purpose holding, patching, sealing application – indoor & outdoor.
    • Suitable for joining of foil faced fibreglass or duct board joints.
    • Ideal for joining & sealing in HVAC application.
    • Closing of rigid air duct insulation & shafts.
    • EMI/RFI shielding for motors, cables, cabinets, antennae & components (splatter masking).
    More about Aluminium Foil Tapes

    What are Aluminium Foil Tapes?

    Aluminium Foil Tape 30mic-Ae is Acrylic Emulsion tape, this Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape is 30 micron aluminium foil coated with Acrylic Emulsion for better adhesion, Excellent reflective properties on this adhesive tape are seen due to the aluminium backing, this 30 micron Aluminium Foil Tape is available with hot melt, and solvent acrylic adhesive and with or without liner. 

    This Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape is  majorly used for ( HVAC ) Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, application. This adhesive tape can also be used for seaming and sealing for fibreglass duct board and duct wrap to enhance appearance and maintain vapour barrier integrity. The minimum recommended temperature of application is 4°C (40ºF). It’s a useful option for high/low temperature applications too, like, EMI/RFI shielding, ducting, thermal spray masking and protection against welding arch.

    This, like every other tape, needs to be applied on a surface that is clean, dry and dust free before application of the tape, with even and firm pressure for better adhesion results.


    Aluminium Foil Tape Uses and Properties : 

    • These Aluminium Foil Tapes have excellent reflective properties backed by the Aluminium, and can reflect heat to a great extent.
    • The adhesive tapes also have a high tolerance for high and low temperature application. 
    • Aluminium foil tapes are also useful for joining foil faced fibreglass or duct board joints
    • These acrylic adhesive tapes are majorly used in holding, patching, sealing, applications, indoor and outdoor. 
    • The 30 micron Aluminium Foil Tapes are used EMI/RFI shielding for motors, cables, cabinets, antennae & components (splatter masking).
    • The adhesive tapes are ideal for joining and sealing in HVAC applications.
    • Aluminium foil adhesive tapes are available in 30 mic, 50 mic, 100 mic & 150 mic thicknesses.


    Uses of Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

    Aerospace Industry :

    Bangalore-based, Adhesive Specialties manufactures Aluminium Foil Tapes that can be used for holding, patching and sealing purposes in addition to HVAC applications for joining and sealing. These adhesive tapes are use EMI/RFI shielding for motors, cables, cabinets, antennae & components (splatter masking).

    Automotive Industry :

    The Aluminium Foil Tape is an amazing alternative for the automotive industry considering it’s  excellent reflective properties that reflects heat and it’s lightweight. These tapes are ideal for HVAC applications like joining and sealing and thus help closing and insulation of air ducts and shafts.

    Electrical Industry :   

    Aluminium Foil Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties are an ideal to the electrical industry owing to its aluminium backing that makes it a great conductor and adds on with its reflective properties that help deflect heat. 

    Adhesive Specialities also specialises in custom developments. Reach out to our team at Adhesive Specialities today, to find the ideal solution to your Adhesive Tape requirements. 


    AS-003-Aluminum Foil+ LDPE


    AS-005 Alumium Foil Tape 30mic-Ae


    AS-006 Aluminum Foil Tape 30mic-Hm


    AS-007 Aluminum Foil Tape 30mic-Sol


    AS-008 Aluminum Foil Tape 50mic-Si


    AS-009 Aluminum Foil 50mic-Sol


    AS-010 Aluminum Foil Tape 100mic-Si


    AS-011 Aluminum Foil Tape 100mic-Sol


    AS-012 Aluminum Foil Tape 150mic-Sol