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Anti Skid Tape

  • Anti skid tape is made of slip resistant material to reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Excellent durability as Adhesive Specialities ensures 80 poise of anti-skid particles for every square inch.
  • Anti Skid or Slip Tape is designed to enhance & maintain assurance of safety in slippery areas of the building.
  • Available in Black, Clear & Yellow/Black colours.


More about Anti Skid Tapes from Adhesive Specialities

What are Anti Skid Adhesive Tapes?

The Anti Skid Adhesive Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties, Bangalore are highly slip resistant and assure you safety at home, workplace and wherever you feel there is a risk of slipping that can lead to serious accidents and injuries. All the Anti Skid Tapes manufactured at Adhesive Specialties use the best quality raw materials resulting in a very durable and highly resistant to all kinds of liquid resistance making the Anti Skid Tape more efficient.

These Anti Skid Adhesive Tapes are made from a special water and solvent proof material. This adhesive tape also has excellent durability. Adhesive Specialties makes sure 80 poise ie., 80 granules per square inch, this is achieved by sand blasting the anti skid particles on the material. The main objective of the Anti Skid Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties is to prevent slipping and accidents which may lead to serious injuries. 


Anti Skid Tape Uses and Properties:

  • Anti Skid Tapes are largely used to make a surface slip resistant to prevent slipping/skidding in industrial and commercial spaces such as corridors, ramps, stairways, ladders, footplates on machines, emergency exits and other places.
  • These Anti Skid Tapes by Adhesive Specialties provide a good coefficient of friction.
  • These adhesive tapes are equipped with a PET film as the base material and have an acrylic adhesive.
  • The Anti Skid Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties have a high holding greater than 48 hours.
  • In these Anti Skid Tapes, aluminium oxide acts as the sand layer which increases the coefficient of friction on the tape material.
  • These Anti Skid Tapes have quite good tensile strength and can withstand upto 1.73kgs.
  • The Anti Skid Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties are easy to install and maintain
  • These Anti Skid Tapes have a silicone paper release liner of 150 micrometer.
  • The Anti Skid Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties are available in Black, Clear & Yellow/Black colours.


Uses of Anti Skid Tapes in Various Industries : 

Construction and Interior Industry:

Adhesive specialties manufactures and develops Anti Skid Tapes that assure safety in almost all kinds of industries where there is a chance of accidents and slipping that may cause some serious injuries and safety issues. The Anti Skid Tapes are highly recommended to be used on building entrances and staircases where the probability of people slipping/tripping is higher. 

The Anti Skid Tapes are highly useful in places where there is a change in elevation that can sometimes be slippery as well. Adhesive Specialties uses the highest quality of raw materials to manufacture the Anti Skid Tape more efficient and long lasting, giving you more worth for the money you spend on them.

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AS-014-Anti Skid Tape


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