Aramid/Nomex® Paper Tape

Aramid/Nomex® Tape is coated with different types of adhesives. A special coat of fire-retardant Acrylic adhesive is applied, which is processed in-house and also a silicone adhesive can be applied as per the application or requirement.

Nomex® Paper is a series of insulation papers.

The temperature resistance for our acrylic adhesive Aramid/Nomex® paper tape is approximately 130°C & and for Thermosetting Rubber adhesive it is approximately 150°C (Applicable for 1 hour ).

Adhesive:  FR Acrylic Adhesive or Thermosetting Rubber Adhesive.

Benefits Of Aramid/Nomex® Paper Tape:

  • Strong radium resistance
  • High Abrasion and Wear Resistance
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Low Thermal Shrinkage
  • Formable
  • Low Elongation to Break.

Used in: Transformer’s motors, generators, and other electrical equipments. Aramid/Nomex® Tape can also be used in the manufacturing of cables.


Aramid/Nomex® Tape - Acrylic AS-160/161-A


Aramid/Nomex® Tape - TSR AS-160/161-B