Blue Holding Tape

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    Blue Holding Tape

    • Comes with rubber adhesive & has high holding power.
    • Suitable for masking application at 150 ℃.
    • Residue Free.
    • Suitable for temporary closing, holding & securing various components in white good appliances.
    More about Blue Holding Tape from Adhesive Specialties

    What are Blue Holding Adhesive Tapes?

    Adhesive Specialties, Bangalore manufactures the Blue Holding Adhesive Tapes which are basically polyester film tapes coated with rubber adhesive. This coating gives the Blue Holding Adhesive Tape a high holding power without leaving any residue on the surface that it is applied on. These Blue Holding Tapes have a high elongation rate due to their natural rubber coating which makes the tape even more durable and long lasting. The properties of this tape makes it suitable for applications for white goods. 

    These Blue Holding Tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties can be used for masking even at higher temperatures like 150 C. This tape leaves no residue on the surface after it is removed. The Blue Holding Tape is highly suitable for holding and closing, temporarily closing various components in the white good appliances. 


    Blue Holding Tapes Uses and Properties :

    • The Blue Holding Tape from Adhesive Specialties is a holding tape with a coating of natural rubber adhesive and has a high holding power.
    • These tapes by Adhesive Specialties are mostly used in the White Goods Industry for holding and securing various components of the White Good appliances.
    • The natural rubber adhesive coating gives these Blue Holding Tapes a higher elongation rate of upto 40%.
    • These Blue Holding Tapes use polyester film as the base material.
    • These tapes by Adhesive Specialties have very good temperature resistance upto 130 C.
    • The Blue Holding Tapes come in a translucent Blue colour with a tensile strength of 9 kgs.
    • This Blue Holding Tape has a total thickness of 60 micrometers which makes it a very sleek tape with high holding power.

    Uses of Blue Holding Tape in Various Industries : 

    White Goods Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties manufactures Blue Holding Tape that is predominantly used in the White Goods Industry to hold and secure components while shipping. These Tapes are highly used in this industry because they don’t leave any residue or adhesive marks on removal after the usage. These tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialties also have a very good adhesion to steel of upto 950 grams. These tapes are premium blue holding tapes with a good quality natural rubber adhesive coating which makes the tape more durable with a good elongation rate. These tapes by Adhesive Specialties have very good holding power that can be used to hold and secure heavy components in the White Good Industry.  These Blue Holding Tapes also have really good temperature resistance to withstand different temperatures for various applications. The Blue Holding Tapes by Adhesive Specialties can also be used in masking applications.

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    AS-017-Blue Holding Tape