Coloured Masking Tape

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    Coloured Masking Tape

    • The tape is coated with solvent acrylic adhesive.
    • It is also known as painter’s masking tape.
    • Residue free even on glossy surfaces.
    • Standard colours available: Green & Blue
    More about Coloured Masking Tape

    What are Coloured Masking Tapes?

    Coloured Masking Tape, also known as Painter’s Masking Tape, is crepe paper covered with acrylic glue that was invented to assist protect surrounding surfaces from overspray and to produce clear paint lines since it can be removed simply and neatly when done. It is robust enough to suspend plastic sheets and resists solvents or water from the paint. For important paint masking applications, the tape can conform to curved and uneven surfaces. 

    Coloured Masking Tape is utilized in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries for crucial paint masking applications, as well as ornamental edging, marking, and colour coding. For tool-free application, the tape is simple to rip by hand.

    Coloured Masking Tapes uses & properties: 

    • Solvent acrylic adhesive is applied to the coloured masking adhesive tape. 
    • Painter’s masking tape is another name for coloured masking tape. 
    • One of the features of this sticky tape is that it is residue free, even on shiny surfaces. 
    • Standard colors such as green and blue may be found at Adhesive Specialties.

    Uses of Coloured Masking Tapes in various industries: 

    Automotive Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a company that makes specialty tapes for the automotive industry. Masking tape in the color yellow is the most often used product when prepping cars for painting. Masking tapes are tapes with a natural rubber and acrylic solvent adhesives that are perfect for this industry.

    Construction & Interior Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties makes and develops coloured masking tapes that provide safety in a wide range of industries where there is a risk of accidents and slips, which might result in significant injuries and safety concerns. The colored masking tapes are covered with a solvent acrylic adhesive that prevents slip and falls, which is why the construction and interiors industries use them.

    Paint & Coatings Industry: 

    Coloured Masking adhesive tapes are made by Adhesive Specialities for usage in the paint and coatings industry. Painter’s masking tape, often known as coloured masking tape, is widely used in the paint business. In paper craft projects, the tapes provide a mess-free alternative to glue sticks, and they are often simple to rip for young hands.

    AS-056 Coloured Masking Tape