Coloured Polyester Tape 1 mil Acrylic

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    Coloured Polyester Tape 1 mil Acrylic

    • Specialties in Adhesives Polyester electrical tape is ideal for insulating applications that need thin, robust, and high-dielectric-strength materials.
    • Coils and oil-filled transformers use it as a core, layer, and final insulation.
    • High impact and tensile strength are required for general electrical insulation.
    • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, and moisture.
    • Flame-resistant.
    • There are a variety of colours and thicknesses to choose from.
    More about Coloured Polyester Tapes

    What are Coloured Polyester Adhesive Tapes?

    Adhesive Specialities manufactures Colored Polyester Tapes, which are constructed from polyester film covered with a proprietary acrylic adhesive formulation that has good temperature, voltage, weather, and varnish resistance.

    High/low voltage transformers, power supply units, electronic motors, and coils can all benefit from coloured polyester tape for attaching and insulation.

    Coloured Polyester Adhesive Tapes are also available from Adhesive Specialities in another variety. NRHC Colored Polyester Tape is a polyester sheet with a natural rubber adhesive coating. The sticky tape has exceptional temperature, voltage, and weather resistance. The glue is manufactured from a specific natural rubber composition that is suitable for long-term usage. It’s also suited for electrical and electronic applications due to the formulation.

    Colored Polyester Tape – NRHC can be used to secure and insulate things like high and low voltage transformers, power supply units, electric motors, and coils.

    Coloured Polyester Tape Uses and Properties :


    • Chemical, solvent, and moisture resistance are all features of these specialised adhesive tapes.
    • Polyester coloured adhesive tapes come in a variety of colours and thicknesses.
    • Flame retardant coloured polyester adhesive tapes are ideal for electrical applications.
    • Coils and oil-filled transformers employ these adhesive tapes for core, layer, and final insulation.
    • Polyester adhesive tapes are ideal for typical electrical insulation applications needing strong tensile and impact strength.
    • Acrylic or thermosetting rubber adhesives are also available on these sticky tapes.You may contact our staff at Adhesive Specialities now for assistance in determining the best type of adhesive tape for your needs.


    Uses of Coloured Polyester Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

    Electrical Industry :

    Coloured Polyester Adhesive Tapes, which are pressure-sensitive and used to insulate electrical wires and cables, are manufactured by Adhesive Specialities for the electrical sector. These polyester adhesive tapes come in a variety of colours and thicknesses, each tailored for a certain application. Electrical adhesive tapes are very sticky, absorb well, and have a longer lifespan. The polyester powder coated adhesive tapes are flame resistant and have high tensile and impact strength.

    Polyester adhesive tapes can be used for a variety of applications, including general insulation. They are extremely long-lasting in nature. Electrical adhesive tapes are comfortable to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    Electronics Industry :

    Adhesive Specialities develops coloured polyester tapes that are pressure-sensitive and are used to insulate electrical lines and cables in the electronics sector. Polyester adhesive tapes come in a variety of colours and thicknesses, as well as a variety of varieties. Colored polyester adhesive tapes are highly sticky, absorb well, are quite sturdy, and last a long time.

    Colored polyester adhesive tapes for the electronics sector are used to insulate wires and cables in electronics that have electricity running through them. These sticky tapes are pleasant to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    To acquire tailored solutions for your adhesive tape needs, contact our experts at Adhesive Specialties now.


    AS-074 Coloured Polyester Tape-1mil-Acrylic


    AS-074-I Coloured Polyester Tape-2mil Acrylic


    AS-075-A Coloured Polyester Tape-1mil NRHC


    AS-075-B Coloured Polyester Tape-2mil NRHC