Commercial Grade Reflective Tape

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    Commercial Grade Reflective Tape

    • Commercial grade reflective tape acts as a reflective material that bounces the light back out in different directions.
    • Used for traffic sign material that provides information to the vehicular & pedestrian of various traffic situations.
    • Suitable for car license plating because very good clarity.
    • Used as personal safety & fashion accessory on clothes for joggers, cyclists & fashionistas.
    • Ideal for reflective safety solutions for mining, construction, firefighting, oil & gas fields.
    More About Commercial Grade Reflective Tapes

     What is Commercial Grade Reflective Tape?

    Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting is a thin, conformable, and flexible retro reflective tape that may be used for a variety of applications. Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting tape provides great weather resistance in high and low temperatures, as well as strong visibility at night. 

    Commercial Grade Reflective adhesive tape is meant to improve the visibility of products put on it in low-light and nighttime situations. The idea of retro reflection is used to attain improved visibility. When lighted by a light source (such as automotive headlights), the retro reflecting surface has exposed, wide-angle lenses that reflect the light back to the source (the automobile driver’s eye). It may also be used as a temporary traffic sign, advertising, or other similar purposes.

    Commercial Grade Reflective Tape Uses and Properties: 

    • Because of their high clarity, commercial grade reflective tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialities are ideal for automobile licence plating. 
    • These reflective tape, which is available in commercial grade, functions as a reflective material that reflects light in various directions. 
    • These adhesive tapes may be used to make traffic sign material that informs motorists and pedestrians about different traffic circumstances. 
    • Commercial Grade Reflective Tapes are great for mining, construction, firefighting, and oil and gas operations. 
    • These tapes are used by runners, bikers, and fashionistas as a personal safety and fashion item on their clothing.

    Uses of Commercial Grade Reflective Tape in Various Industries : 

    Automotive Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a supplier of specialty tapes for the automotive industry. There are a variety of adhesive tapes that are used extensively in the automobile sector, from surface protection to wire harnessing or safety measures. 

    These Commercial Grade Reflective tapes give out high clarity that makes it ideal for automobile licensing. Apart from this these reflective tapes are used to inform about safety measures on traffic signs to warn off the motorists and pedestrians 

    Construction & Interior Industry: 

    Commercial Grade Reflective adhesive Tapes are developed by the specialised engineers at Adhesive Specialties. The specialty tapes are an integral part of the construction and interiors industry and are used from  sealing & glazing windows to wall cladding or even insulation and various other applications. 

    These Commercial Grade Tapes that are manufactured in India are great for construction, firefighting, mining and even gas & oil operations. The tapes have the property to reflect light in various directions. With the property to withstand weather and high and low temperatures this is the ideal tape for the construction industry. 

    Garment Industry:

    Due to its flexibility and strong adhesive strength, Adhesive Specialties’ Commercial Grade Reflective tape is widely utilised in the garment industry for a variety of applications. In the garment business, these reflective tapes are utilised for holding and packing purposes.  One might see this used frequently by runners, cyclists, and fashionistas as a personal safety and fashion element on their garments.

    AS-020 Commercial Grade Reflective Tape-Yellow