Copper Foil Tape

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    Copper Foil Tape

    • Copper foil tape is a flexible copper foil coated with high conductive adhesive &  comes with a release liner.
    • Ideal for EMI/RFI shielding & as well as shielding of all non-conductive materials & electrical grounding.
    • Excellent for soldering application & for anti-static floors (ESD floors).
    • Can be used as an electrical connection between surfaces & cable shielding.
    • Available in roll & die-cut forms.
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    What are Copper Foil Tapes?

    Copper Foil Tape has a conductive adhesive coating. Its aggressive adhesion results in superior bonding, making it a popular choice in a variety of consumer and industrial applications. It has a very low electrical resistance, is conductive by nature, and comes with a removable lining for easy handling.


    Application and Techniques

    • Copper Foil Tape is a premium product that is perfect for grounding, soldering, and RFI/EMI (Electromagnetic Interface) shielding in the electrical and electronic sectors. 
    • The tape’s easy-to-remove liner allows it to be used for a variety of die-cut applications. 
    • Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and dust-free before applying the tape for best results. For better adhesion, apply uniform and strong pressure.


    Storage and Shelf Life:

     The tape should be kept in a cool, dry area and should not be exposed to direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time. The product should be used within 12 months of the manufacturing date to get the best results.


    Construction and Interiors Industry:

     Adhesive tapes are utilized throughout the construction and interiors industry, from the beginning to the ultimate product.

    Adhesive tapes are used in the construction and interior design industries for bonding, constructing, sealing, and protecting, among other things. Adhesive Tapes are also simple to use and have an aesthetic as well as a long-lasting appeal, which has contributed to their widespread use in the business.


    The following are some of the most common adhesive tape applications in this industry:

    • Window sealing and glazing
    • Mirrors, glass, deco pieces, window trimmings, and other items are installed.
    • Door panels, stiffeners, and other items are bound.
    • Cladding for the walls
    • skirting and floor coverings
    • Cable management and soundproofing
    • Window perimeter joints and gaps must be filled.
    • Insulation
    • Applications for roofing
    • Electrification
    • Applications in plumbing
    • HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is a system that functions.

    AS-021-Copper Foil Tape