Cotton Cloth Tape

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    Cotton Cloth Tape

    • Cotton cloth tape are Excellent waterproof property.
    • Flexible & highly conformable.
    • High temperature masking property.
    • Suitable for protection & masking application during sandblasting.
    • Cable bundling.
    • Textile screen printing.
    • Double glazing edge protection.
    • Edging of pieces in leatherwork.
    • Ideal for book binding.
    • Available in black or white colours.
      • cotton cloth adhesive tape is available in 5 different variants : Hm, Rubber Based, Wp- Hm, Sandblasting, Screen Printing.
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    Why buy Cotton Cloth Tape From Us?

    We are the leading cotton cloth tape manufacturer and supplier in India at wholesale price. Our pressure-sensitive cotton cloth tapes are used for applications across various industries, such as Electrical, Paint and Coatings and printing, Packaging, and Signage. These are multipurpose adhesive tapes made from high-quality materials and ensure high performance and efficiency.

    Our Cotton Tape is coated with Hotmelt adhesive on the inside and is coated with a special waterproof compound on the outside. The waterproof aspect helps with industrial applications. It has excellent adhesive properties and does not dry and is easy to tear by hand, therefore making it an easy and effective choice.

    Cotton Adhesive Tape is extensively used in the packaging field for various applications. These tapes are also used in high temperature masking, cable bundling, holding and harnessing applications. Another variant of the Cotton Tape is extensively used for electrical wire splices, heavy-duty binding, bundling cables, household wiring, adding non-slip grip to construction, agriculture and sport equipment handles. It is also used in sandblasting and holding applications. This adhesive tape is a suitable choice for electrical applications. 

    The Cotton Cloth used in the adhesive tape is coated with special hotmelt adhesive giving the tape resistant properties for regular use in sandblasting or grit-blasting application. The formulation prevents the adhesive tape from easily tearing or ripping apart and at the same time gives excellent adhesion properties and tape does not dry easily. The adhesive tape is easy to tear with your hands. The tape is highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Cotton Cloth Tape is extensively used as masking tape during sandblasting and is also used in low PSI shot blasting applications.

    Cotton Cloth Tape is extensively used for cable bundling. It’s extra soft property ensures better handling and bundling of cables.

    Cotton Cloth Adhesive Tape is extensively used as masking tape during screen-printing and it acts as a blocker that does not spoil the main design. The unwanted regions on the screen which do not have to be printed are also covered with the tape to avoid any defects in the design.

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    Cotton Cloth Adhesive Tape Uses and Properties :

    • It has excellent waterproof properties, which are helpful for electrical applications and also helpful for paint, coatings, printing, packaging, and signage.
    • It is flexible & highly conformable.
    • These adhesive tapes have a high-temperature masking property.
    • It is suitable for protection & masking application during sandblasting.
    • It is used for cable bundling and textile screen printing.
    • It has double-glazing edge protection.
    • It is used in the edging of pieces in leatherwork and is ideal for bookbinding.
    • Available in black or white colors.

    Industrial Uses of Cotton Cloth Adhesive Tapes: 

    Electrical Industry :

    We manufacture cotton tape for electrical insulation, suitable for applications in the electrical industry, Cotton cloth adhesive tapes are of various varieties, specialized for specific purposes, and differentiated by colour. Our pressure-sensitive tape is used to insulate electrical wires, cables and is highly adhesive, offers excellent absorption, and has longer lives.

    Cotton cloth tapes are comfortable, easy to use, and highly effective.

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    Paint and Coatings Industry :

    We manufacture a wide range of cotton tape, suitable for the paint, and coatings industry which are easy to use and clean removal. Cotton tape are used for masking purposes and may also be used for screen printing. These tapes can withstand extreme temperatures.


    Printing, Packaging and Signage Industry :

    We specialise in custom developments of Cotton tape for the printing, packaging, and signage industry with excellent adhesion. These adhesive tapes are suitable for joining signage boards, helpful in flexo printing, and extremely temperature resistant. Cotton tape is highly functional on similar and dissimilar surfaces and for indoor and outdoor applications. The tapes we offer are suitable for general-purpose applications and ideal for sealing, packing, fixing, and mending applications.

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    AS-022-B Cotton Cloth Tape-Hm


    AS-022-C Cotton Cloth Tape RB


    AS-022-D Cotton Cloth Tape-Wp-Hm


    AS-022-E Cotton Cloth Tape Sandblasting


    AS-022-F Cotton Cloth Tape Screen Printing