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Cross Hatch Tester Tape

  • ASTM D3359 Compliant.
  • Used for paint adhesion testing.

How to complete an adhesion test

  1. Place the cutting edge on the cross hatch adhesion tester on the desired surface
  2. Press down gently onto the area, pulling the adhesion tester towards you in one fluid movement to make a series of steady, parallel cuts along the area approximately 20cm long
  3.  Place the cross hatch adhesion tester at a 90 degree angle to the first cut and repeat step 2, creating a lattice pattern onto the surface coating
  4. Brush the area lightly along the lattice to get rid of any loose debris
  5. Inspect area to see if the cuts have penetrated through the coating
  6. Remove and discard 2 complete turns of the adhesive tape.
  7. Remove an additional length of tape approximately 75mm from this length
  8. Place this cut piece of tape in the center of the lattice, remembering to smooth it down with your finger and rubbing firmly with your nail to create a good adhesion application between the tape and coating
  9.  Within 5 minutes of applying the tape, pull it off with one smooth movement at approximately 1 second at a 60 degree angle to the surface
  10. With tape, apply to a transparent film to maintain a permanent record
  11. Access the coating adhesion by viewing the lattice cuts in good lighting and compare these cuts to the ISO/JIS standards table.

AS-024-Cross Hatch Tester Tape


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