D/s Cotton Cloth Tape 300 RB

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    D/s Cotton Cloth Tape 300 RB

    • Good adherence and tackiness.
    • In printing, it’s used to mount plates.
    • Excellent for corrugated board flex printing.
    • It’s ideal for glueing two incompatible surfaces together, such as signboards.
    • Ideal for securing carpets.
    More About D/s Cotton Cloth Tape

    What are D/s Cotton Cloth Tapes?

    Double Sided Cotton Glue Fabric Tape has a strong adhesion, simple tear, and clean removal characteristics thanks to cotton cloth covered with hotmelt adhesive on both sides. A polyester or paper release lining is bonded to this tape.

    On both sides of the Double Side Cotton Fabric Tape, Adhesive Specialties manufactures and alternative cotton cloth is coated with natural rubber adhesive. Because of the coating, it has a strong adhesion, easy rip, and clean removal characteristics. The tape comes with a polyester or paper release liner.

    Double-sided cotton cloth tape is great for joining two distinct surfaces, such as signs boards, and may also be used as plate mounting tape for carpet fixing in the shoe and leather industries.

    Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape Uses and Properties :

    • The cotton adhesive tape offers a high tack and adherence. 
    • In printing, double-sided cotton cloth tapes can be used to mount plates. 
    • The adhesive tape is ideal for corrugated board flex printing. 
    • Cotton cloth tape can be used to connect two distinct surfaces, such as signboards. 
    • Cotton tapes that are self-adhesive are great for carpet repair.

      Uses of Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape in Various Industries : 

      Aerospace Industry: 

      Adhesive Specialties is a Bangalore-based company that specialises in aerospace adhesive tapes. D/s Cotton cloth tapes are frequently utilised due to their excellent adhesive properties. You can use adhesive tape to join two surfaces that aren’t the same. The tape can also be used to repair carpets.

      Because they can withstand high temperatures, these adhesive tapes are ideal for aircraft applications. Adhesive Specialties manufactures a wide selection of high-quality adhesive tapes that are perfect for the needs of this business.

      Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry: 

      Adhesive Specialities is an adhesive tape manufacturer established in India that specialises in the printing, packaging, and sign sectors. Adhesive Specialties offers high-adherence application adhesive tapes for cotton fabric tape, which may be used for flex printing and other common applications.

      These adhesive tapes perform effectively on a wide range of surfaces, both similar and different, and in both indoor and outdoor environments. In the printing process, D/s cotton fabric tapes may also be used to attach plates.


    AS-025-B-DS Cotton Cloth Tape-300 HM-HTk


    AS-025-C-DS Cotton Cloth Tape-300-RB