D/s Cross Filament Tape

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    D/s Cross Filament Tape

    • Polyester film reinforced with cross-wave longitudinal & transverse direction fiberglass yarn that provides strong tensile strength in both directions.
    • Extremely strong holding power & adhesion strength gives firm bonding on lot of surfaces and provides perfect adhesion even on rough surfaces.
    • Works effectively at with foam tape strips used in windows and door sealing.
    • Used as reinforcement for foam tapes.
    More about Double Sided Cross Filament Tape

    What are D/s Cross Filament Tapes?

    Double Side Cross Filament Tape is a bi-directional filament constructed of high-strength fibreglass yarn that is coated on both sides with hotmelt adhesive, giving it exceptional stickiness. 

    For uneven surfaces and self-adhesive decorative projects, Double Side Cross Filament Tape is ideal. It’s also good for sealing self-adhesive foamed rubber and windows while adding strength, and it may be used for permanent fastening of small components instead of acrylic foam tape on occasion.

    Cross Filament Tape Uses and Properties :

    • Extremely strong adhesion and holding power allow robust bonding on a variety of surfaces and perfect adhesion even on difficult surfaces. 
    • Works well with the foam tape strips that are used to seal windows and doors. 
    • Foam tapes are reinforced using this tape.
    • Polyester film with cross-wave longitudinal and transverse direction fibreglass yarn for high tensile strength in both sides. 

    Uses of Cross Filament Tape in Various Industries : 

    Construction & Interior Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties manufactures and develops Anti-Skid Tapes to provide safety in essentially any industry where there is a possibility of accidents and slippage, which can result in serious injuries and safety issues. Anti-slip tapes are highly recommended for usage around building entrances and stairwells, where people are more likely to slip and fall. 

    Double Sided Cross Filament Tapes are particularly useful in regions with a change in elevation that can be slippery at times. Adhesive Specialties uses the highest-quality raw materials to create Double Sided Cross Filament AdhesiveTape that is more efficient and long-lasting, providing you with more bang for your buck.

    Electrical Industry: 

    Double Sided Cross Filament Tapes, which are pressure-sensitive and used to insulate electrical wires and cables, are manufactured by Adhesive Specialities for the electrical sector. These Double Sided Cross Filament adhesive tapes come in a variety of colours and thicknesses, each tailored for a certain application. Electrical adhesive tapes are very sticky, absorb well, and have a longer lifespan. 

    The polyester powder coated adhesive tapes are flame resistant and have high tensile and impact strength.  Double Sided Cross Filament adhesive tapes can be used for a variety of purposes, including general insulation. They are extremely long-lasting in nature. Electrical adhesive tapes are comfortable to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    HVAC Industry : 

    For the HVAC business, Adhesive Specialties manufactures thermally insulating aluminium fibreglass tape, which is used to seal and connect ducts in HVAC systems. Because they are exceptionally sticky and have a high tensile strength, these tapes are ideal for the heating and cooling industries. 

    These adhesive specialised Double Sided Cross Filament tapes work efficiently in both hot and cold environments due to their wide operating temperature range. These tapes are used for flashing, joints, and insulation in roofing applications. It’s a very trustworthy product for sealing joints and seams in industrial pipes for thermal insulation because it’s made of high-quality adhesive with exceptionally strong adhesion and holding strength.

    Printing, Packaging and Signages Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities specialises in the production of specialised adhesive tapes for the printing, packaging, and sign industries. The adhesion properties of our Adhesive Specialities’ tapes are exceptional. These sticky tapes can be used to connect sign boards, are useful in flexo printing, and are age and UV resistant.
    They operate well on a wide range of surfaces, both similar and dissimilar, and in both indoor and outdoor environments. Adhesive Specialties offers a wide selection of adhesive tapes that are appropriate for this industry. The numerous adhesive tapes we offer are suitable for both general-purpose and specific applications, depending on your requirements. The adhesive tapes used in this industry can be used for sealing, packing, fastening, and mending.

    With adhesive tapes available in various different colours and sizes, reach out to Adhesive Specialities today, for solutions to your printing, packaging and signage requirements.

    AS-026-DS Cross Filament Tape