D/s Polyester Tape 160 mic

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    D/s Polyester Tape 160 mic

    • Low & high temperature resistant.
    • Ageing resistant.
    • UV resistant.
    • Laminating wood to fibre doors during manufacturing.
    • Suitable for variety of splicing applications.
    • Securing soundproofing to aluminum sheet.
    • Used in signage industry for fixing banners.
    More About D/s Polyester tapes

    What are Double sided Polyester tapes?

    A polyester sheet coated on both sides with a solvent acrylic adhesive for quick bonding is made in Bangalore as Double Sided Polyester Tape. For usage on curves, uneven surfaces, and other such objects, the tape has a flexible carrier component and a high adhesive strength. It is heat and moisture resistant, as well as having excellent adhesive qualities, and may be used in a variety of applications.

    Double-sided polyester tape is used for high-temperature masking, die-cutting, printing, component calibration, and stiff box connecting. It’s also used to glue labels, LCD panels, and other metal frames and components in electronics. It’s simple to remove and won’t leave any residue behind.

    Uses and properties of D/s Polyester tapes :

    • The tape has UV protection built in.
    • Over time, the double-sided tape holds up nicely.
    • Both cold and high temperatures are no match for this polyester sticky tape.
    • This double-sided polyester sticky tape is suitable for a variety of splicing applications.
    • The tape may be used to laminate wood to fibre doors during the production process.
    • In the signages industry, the tapes are used to secure banners.
    • With this double-sided tape, it’s also easier to fasten soundproofing to aluminium sheets.

      Uses of D/s Polyester tapes in various industries: 

    Covid -19 Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties manufactures double-sided polyester adhesive tapes that help adhere to the COVID-19 Protocol, which demands for social distance to be maintained in public areas, workplaces, and industries. This sticky tape features a flexible carrier component and a high adhesive strength for use on curves, uneven surfaces, and other similar items.

    This double-sided polyester adhesive tape may be used for a wide range of splicing tasks. It’s also easier to secure soundproofing to aluminium sheets with this double-sided tape. It can also withstand the sun’s rays.

    Electronics Industry:

    Double-sided polyester adhesive tapes are perfect for usage in the electronics sector, according to Adhesive Specialities, a Bangalore-based tape manufacturer. Polyester adhesive tapes are available in a range of thicknesses from Adhesive Specialities. At both low and high temperatures, this polyester adhesive tape is temperature resistant. This double-sided polyester adhesive tape may be used for a wide range of splicing tasks.

    Printing, Packaging & Signage Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties makes adhesive tapes that can withstand the rigours of the renewable energy industry. Adhesive Specialities’ expertise is in mixing the correct blend of materials to create the most appropriate adhesive tape solution with exceptional performance. Adhesive tapes for the renewable energy business can endure a variety of conditions. One of the most commonly utilised tapes in this business is vacuum bag sealing adhesive tape.

    Reach out to Adhesive Specialities today for the best adhesive tape solution for your needs, which is available in a variety of different varieties and colours.


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