Duct Tape

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    Duct Tape

    • Duct Tape is a combination of polyethylene film & cloth scrim coated with rubber or hotmelt adhesive.
    • Also known as Gaffer’s Tape.
    • Has strong adhesion & easy tear properties.
    • Polyethylene coated cloth scrim also makes it moisture resistant to ensure prolonged bonding with surface.
    • Has good holding power.
    • Used in patching, reinforcing, bundling, sealing, splicing, ducting, packaging & high temperature applications.
    • Available in silver & black. Any colour can be supplied on special request.
    More About Duct Tapes

    What is Duct Tape?

    Bangalore- based Adhesive Specialities supplies a polyethylene film that is laminated over cloth scrim and coated with rubber glue to make Cloth Duct Tape. This adhesive tape  has a strong adhesion and is simple to remove. The moisture-resistant polyethylene coated cloth screen ensures that the tape binds to the surface for a longer period of time. 

    Cloth Duct adhesive tape is often used in patching, strengthening, bundling, sealing, splicing, and other high duty applications because the rubber adhesive provides excellent adhesion to most rough surfaces.

    Uses and Properties of Duct Tape:

    • A Duct Tape is a combination of polyethylene film & cloth scrim coated with either hotmelt or rubber adhesive.
    • These adhesive tapes are also known as Gaffer’s Tape.
    • Cloth duct tapes have strong adhesion & easy tear properties making it easy to use for most industries. 
    • As the tape is a polyethylene coated cloth screen, it makes it moisture resistant and ensures prolonged adhesive with the surface.
    •  Duct Tapes have great bonding power.
    • These cloth adhesive tapes are used in patching, reinforcing, bundling, sealing, splicing, ducting, packaging & high temperature applications.
    • Adhesive Specialities, manufacturers tapes in silver & black colour. If a specific colour is required it can be made on request as they have duct tape varieties. 

    Uses of Masking Tape in Various Industries : 

    Automotive Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a tape manufacturer that specialises in automotive tapes. These adhesive tapes are widely utilised in the automotive industry for a variety of applications, including heat/electrical protection and internal/external mounting. 

    Gaffer tapes are polyethylene film and cloth scrim tapes that are covered with either hotmelt or rubber adhesive and are suited for this industry. In the automobile sector, the tape’s facile rip off feature makes it easy to patch, package, and seal.

    Construction & Interior Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties in Bangalore manufactures and develops duct tapes to ensure safety in almost all industries where there is a possibility of accidents and slips that might result in serious injuries and safety issues. The tape’s moisture resistance guarantees that it sticks to the surface for a long time. 

    Waterproof duct tape produced in India is very useful in areas where there is a gradual elevation change that might be slippery at times. Adhesive Specialties uses high-quality raw materials to create a range of duct tapes that are more efficient and long-lasting, allowing customers to get the best deal possible.

    HVAC Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties manufactures thermally insulating AC duct tape for the HVAC sector, which is used to seal and connect ducts in HVAC systems. Because they are exceptionally sticky and have a high bonding strength, these tapes are ideal for the heating and cooling industries. 

    These Adhesive Specialties silver duct tapes work well in both hot and cold conditions due to their broad working temperature range. These tapes are used for flashing, joints, and insulation in roofing applications. It’s a highly trustworthy product for sealing joints and seams in industrial pipes for thermal insulation since it’s constructed of high-quality adhesive with exceptionally strong adhesion and holding strength.

    Paint & Coatings Industry:

    Bangalore-based Adhesive Specialities manufactures duct tape for the paint and coatings sector. Duct tape may be used on a variety of surfaces, including glossy surfaces, for both exterior and interior masking, and the quick tear-off feature leaves no residue. 

    Duct tape is made in India using high-quality polythene with a cloth scrim coating. These adhesive tapes are used to protect surfaces from paint, dust, and oil spray while painting indoors.

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities, is an India based tape firm that focuses in adhesive tape creation for the printing, packaging, and signage sectors. Our most recent in-house development is duct tape, which is widely used in this industry. White duct tape has a wide range of applications, including screen printing and other common uses. 

    They operate effectively on a wide range of surfaces, both similar and different, and in both indoor and outdoor environments. Duct tape is also incredibly easy and fast to apply. Adhesive Specialties offers a wide selection of adhesive tapes that are appropriate for this industry.

    White Goods Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties manufactures duct tape, which is used in the White Goods Industry to hold and secure components during shipping. These tapes are popular in this industry because when removed, they leave no residue or adhesive marks. With a weight of up to 950 gms, Adhesive Specialties’ tapes have outstanding adhesion to steel. These tapes have a high elongation rate and are long-lasting. 

    The black duct tapes developed in India by Adhesive Specialties have exceptional holding strength and may be used to hold and secure heavy components in the White Goods market. These adhesive tapes are also exceptionally temperature resistant, enabling them to be used in a number of applications over a broad range of temperatures.

    AS-038-A Duct Tape 225


    AS-038-B-Duct Tape 180