Eazy Masking Tape

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    Eazy Masking Tape

    • Easy Masking Tape is made with various different substrates as per customer specification and is laminated with masking tape on top or on top and bottom.
    • The plastic lip also makes it easier to insert, thereby saving time with masking tasks.
    • Best for auto body painting.
    • Quicker to apply than conventional products.
    • High quality masking film covers and protect surfaces from paint, dust and oil spray.
    • Used for waterproofing, shading and shielding etc.
    • Now can mask your windows, walls, furniture, appliances, almirah and car etc.
    More About Eazy Masking Tape

    What is Eazy Masking Tape?

    Eazy Masking Tape is created with a variety of substrates and is laminated with paper masking tape on the top or both on top and bottom, depending on the customer’s preferences. These Eazy Masking tapes are manufactured in India by Adhesive Specialities.  It is mostly used in car body painting to reduce the overall cost of masking and comes in a variety of sizes. 

    Eazy Masking Tape is mostly used in the automotive industry. Spraying, waterproofing, shading, and shielding are some of the other applications.

    Masking Tape Uses and Properties :

    • Adhesive Specialities makes Easy Masking Tape using a variety of substrates according to client specifications and is laminated with adhesive masking tape on top or on both top and bottom. 
    • For vehicle body painting, these Adhesive Specialities’ Eazy Masking Tapes are the finest.   
    • The plastic lip additionally makes it easy to install, cutting down on masking time. 
    • The high-quality masking film of Eazy Masking tapes made in Bangalore, covers and protects surfaces from paint, dust, and oil spray. 
    • Eazy Masking adhesive tapes are easier to use than traditional masking tapes. 
    • With these eazy masking tapes, you can simply conceal your windows, walls, furniture, appliances, almirah, and automobile, among other things.
    • These white eazy masking adhesive tapes may be used for a variety of purposes, including waterproofing, shading, and shielding. 


    Uses of Masking Tape in Various Industries :

    Automotive Industry :

    Adhesive Specialities, situated in Bangalore, makes specialized masking tapes for the automobile sector. Eazy Masking tapes are great for the automobile sector, whether it’s for sealing windows or painting car body parts. Adhesive Specialties has collaborated with design engineers to satisfy the specialized needs of the automobile sector, offering a comprehensive selection of high-performance solutions.

    Construction & Interior Industry :

    Easy Masking Tapes are manufactured and developed by Adhesive Specialties in India to provide safety in practically all sectors where there is a risk of accidents and slips that might result in significant injuries and safety difficulties. The white eazy masking tape is simple to use and saves time while masking. 

    Waterproofing, shading, and shielding are all made easier using Eazy Masking Tapes. Adhesive Specialties utilizes the best quality raw materials to deliver high-grade Eazy Masking Tapes to the construction sector.

    Paint & Coatings Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities makes Eazy Masking tapes for use in the paint and coatings industry. Eazy masking tapes may be used on a variety of surfaces for both exterior and interior masking and leave no residue, even on glossy surfaces. 

    Eazy Masking tapes use high-quality masking film, made in Bangalore, to protect surfaces from paint, dust, and oil spray. Traditional masking tapes are more difficult to use when compared to Eazy Masking adhesive tapes.

    AS-123-Eazy Masking Tape