EPDM Foam Tape SS 3.0mm

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    EPDM Foam Tape SS 3.0mm

    • Glazing tapes are another name for EPDM tapes.
    • It’s impressive to be able to spread tensions.
    • EPDM tape is available in roll and die-cut forms.
    • It has a long-lasting smooth finish.
    • High temperatures are not a problem for the tape.
    • Gaskets are applied with the tape.
    • Use the tape to seal the area between the glass panels and the window sash or door frame to prevent water and air leaks.
    More about EDPM Foam Adhesive Tapes

    What are EDPM Foam Adhesive Tapes?

    Single-sided EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape is an EPDM foam with a hot melt adhesive coating that has excellent adhesion, shear strength, and ageing properties. Adhesive Specialties is the company that makes and develops it. Because of their properties, sticky tapes are used in a range of industries, including automotive, construction, interior design, electrical, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Adhesive Specialties also offers EPDM Foam Tape in a double-sided variant.

    Because of its outstanding stickiness and good shear strength, single sided EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape is suited for glazing, gap filling, and insulation in panel applications. This adhesive tape is commonly used for door seals, window seals, automobile truck, and hood seals. Single-sided EPDM foam adhesive tape has the same characteristics as double-sided EPDM foam adhesive tape.

    Glazing Tape is comprised of EPDM foam with a hotmelt adhesive coating for improved adhesion, shear strength, and ageing. Another choice for Single Sided EPDM Foam Tape is Glazing Tape. A double-sided version of this EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape is also available.

    Single-sided EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape is used to seal the region between the glass panel and the window sash or door frame to prevent water or air leakage. This Adhesive Tape, which is available in both roll and die-cut variants, is also perfect for gasket applications. Refrigeration, stationery, and die cutting, as well as mounting and glueing, employ double-sided EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape.

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    EPDM Foam Tape Uses and Properties :

    • EPDM tape is another name for glazing tape.
    • This adhesive tape can be used to relieve stress.
    • In gasket applications, these sticky tapes are used.
    • The smooth finish of the long-lasting adhesive tape makes it ideal for usage in the automotive, construction, interior, HVAC, and electrical industries.
    • EPDM foam adhesive tapes are perfect for automotive and electrical applications because they can tolerate high temperatures.
    • To prevent water and air leakage, EPDM foam adhesive tapes are used to seal the region between the glass panels and the window sash or door frame.
    • EPDM foam tapes come in a variety of roll and die-cut sizes.

    Uses of EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

    Automotive Industry :

    Adhesive Specialities is a tape manufacturer that focuses on the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, adhesive tapes are utilised for anything from heat/electrical shielding to internal/external installation. EPDM foam adhesive tapes, which are heat resistant and available in single and double sided forms, are excellent for this industry. Contact Adhesive Specialities right immediately to receive the best adhesive tape solution for your needs.

    Construction and Interior Industry :

    • Adhesive tapes are utilised for a variety of functions in the building and interior design sectors, including bonding, constructing, sealing, and protecting. In this industry, adhesive tapes are also simple to use and efficient.Some of the most prevalent adhesive tape applications in this business are as follows:
    • Window sealing and glazing
    • Window perimeter joints and gaps must be filled.
    • Insulation
    • HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) applications
    • Mirrors, glass, deco pieces, window trimmings, and other items are installed.
    • Door panels, stiffeners, and other items are bound.

    Electrical Industry :

    Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are used to insulate electrical lines and cables, and Adhesive Specialities creates them for the electrical sector. EPDM Foam Adhesive Tapes feature a strong adhesive, high shear strength, and a long shelf life. Electrical adhesive tapes are easy to apply, wear, and are very effective.

    HVAC Industry :

    Adhesive Foam EPDM Tapes are used for duct board joint and seams, industrial pipe and duct insulation joining and sealing, roofing applications such as flashing, joints, and insulation, duct sealing and joining of HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, and general purpose holding, patching, and sealing – both indoor and outdoor.

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