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EPDM Foam Tape

  • EPDM foam tape is also known as Glazing Tape.
  • The tape comes with smooth finish & is durable.
  • Has the ability to dissipate the stresses.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Used to seal the area between the glass panels and window sash or door frame to prevent water & air leaks.
  • Used in gasket application.
  • Available in roll form & die-cut forms.

AS-039-C-EPDM Foam Tape-3.0-S_s


AS-039-D-EPDM Foam Tape-6.0-S_s


AS-039-A-EPDM Foam Tape3.0-D_s


AS-39-B-EPDM Foam Tape 6.0-D_s


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