EVA Foam Tape 2.0mm

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    EVA Foam Tape 2.0mm

    • Available in white colour.
    • Suitable for temporary mounting & bonding application.
    • Used in white goods industry.
    • Available in roll & die-cuts form.
    More about EVA Foam Tape

    What is EVA Foam Tape ?

    The hotmelt adhesive on dual-sided Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam tape provides strong adhesion, high shear strength, and extended ageing properties. If required, EVA Foam Tape is available in white with a single side.

    Double Side EVA Foam may be used to fix external and interior car accessories, moulding, wheel hub covers, spoilers, brake lights, stationery, and impact avoidance materials. It’s also utilised for mounting and bonding, as well as refrigeration and die-cutting.

    EVA Foam Tape Uses and Properties :

    • EVA Foam tape can be used for temporary mounting and bonding of everything from car accessories to wheel hub covers.
    • Because of its dual adhesive characteristics, which make it durable on white goods, this foam tape is most commonly utilised in the white goods sector.
    • Adhesive Specialties offers a variety of rolls and die-cuts in various shapes and sizes.
    • EVA Foam Adhesive tape is available in 2.0mm thicknesses, so you can choose the thickness that best suits your needs.

      Uses of EVA Foam Tape in Various Industries : 

    Construction & Interior Industry: : 

    EVA 2mm Foam Tape made by Adhesive Specialties manufactures and develops is used in practically every industry where there is a possibility of accidents or slippage resulting in serious injuries and safety concerns. It is highly suggested that double-sided EVA Foam tapes be used at building entrances and stairwells, where people are more likely to slip and fall.

    EVA Foam Tapes are quite useful in locations where there is a smooth shift of elevation. EVA Foam Tape is made with the highest-quality raw materials, making it more efficient and long-lasting, ensuring that you receive your money’s worth.

    Electronics Industry:

    Pressure-sensitive EVA Foam adhesive tapes are manufactured by Adhesive Specialties for usage in the electronics sector to insulate electrical lines and cables. EVA Foam tapes are available in various thicknesses. EVA Foam adhesive tapes are incredibly sticky, absorbent, long-lasting, and long-lasting.

    EVA Foam Adhesive for Electronics In electronics, tapes are used to insulate wires and cables that have electricity travelling through them. These self-adhesive tapes are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and incredibly effective.

    LED Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties specialises in manufacturing specialised adhesive tapes for the LED industry. Double-sided EVA Foam adhesive tapes hold LED light bar modules, aluminium frame bezels, and heat sinks together. LED gadgets benefit from adhesive tapes, which can also be utilised to retain components in place. Due to their structure and components, D/s EVA Foam adhesive tapes are also suited for transmitting heat from metals and polymers.

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties is a speciality adhesive tape maker for the printing, packaging, and sign industries. Our most recent in-house product is EVA Foam tape, which is widely used in this industry. The use of adhesive tape is used for a variety of purposes, including screen printing and other common uses. Application adhesive tapes with high adherence are manufactured by Adhesive Specialties.

    They operate well on a wide range of surfaces, both similar and dissimilar, and in both indoor and outdoor environments. EVA Foam tape is exceptionally easy to use and apply. Adhesive Specialties offers a variety of adhesive tapes that are appropriate for this industry.

    Renewable Energy Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties makes adhesive tapes that are tough enough to withstand the rigours of the renewable energy industry. Adhesive Specialties’ expertise is in combining the right ingredients to offer the best adhesive tape solution possible. The adhesive tapes used in the renewable energy industry are designed to withstand a variety of environments. EVA Foam tape is one of the most regularly used tapes in this industry.

    White Goods Industry:

    EVA Foam Tape is made by Adhesive Specialties and is commonly used in the White Goods Industry to grip and secure components during transit. These tapes are widely used in this business since they leave no residue or adhesive markings when removed. Adhesive Specialties’ tapes provide excellent adherence to steel, even at weights of up to 950 gms. These are premium blue holding tapes with a high-quality natural rubber adhesive covering that adds durability and elongation to the tape.

    Adhesive Specialties’ tapes offer outstanding holding strength and can be utilised to hold and secure large components in the White Goods sector. These D/s EVA Foam Tapes are also extremely temperature resistant, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Masking can also be done with Adhesive Specialties’ double-sided EVA Foam Tapes.


    AS-041-A-DS Eva Foam Tape 1.5mm


    AS-041-B DS Eva Foam Tape 2.00mm