EVA Foam Tape

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    EVA Foam Tape

    • Suitable for temporary mounting & bonding application.
    • Used in white goods industry.
    • Available in roll & die-cuts form.
    • Available in 1.0 mm & 2.0 mm thicknesses.
    More about EVA Foam Tape

    What is EVA Foam Tape ?

    Dual-Sided Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam tape is coated with a hotmelt adhesive and offers good adhesion, high shear strength, and long ageing qualities. EVA Foam Tape is available in white with a single side if needed.


    External and internal auto accessories, moulding, wheel hub covers, spoilers, brake lights, stationery, and impact prevention materials can all be fixed with Double Side EVA Foam. It’s also used in refrigeration and die-cutting, as well as mounting and bonding.


    Eva Foam tape comes in two variations depending on the preferred thickness you could choose either of the two : 1mm or 2mm. 

    EVA Foam Tape Uses and Properties :

    • The white goods industry is the most prevalent user of the tape, as the dual adhesive properties makes it durable on the white goods. 
    • EVA Foam tape can be used for temporary mounting and bonding from auto accessories to wheel hub covers. 
    • Tape is available in thicknesses of 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm depending on the requirements, one can choose either. 
    • Forms in the shape of rolls and die-cuts are also available.

    Uses of EVA Foam Tape in Various Industries : 

    Construction & Interior Industry: : 

    EVA Foam Tapes are manufactured and developed by Adhesive Specialties to provide safety in practically all industries where there is a risk of accidents and slippage, which can result in major injuries and safety difficulties. EVA Foam tapes are strongly suggested for use at building entrances and staircases where individuals are more likely to slip or tumble. 

    EVA Foam Tapes are especially effective in areas where there is a change in elevation that can be slippery at times. Adhesive Specialties employs the best quality raw materials to provide EVA Foam Tape that is more efficient and long lasting, offering you more value for your money.

    Electronics Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities develops EVA Foam adhesive tapes that are pressure-sensitive and are used to insulate electrical lines and cables in the electronics industry. EVA Foam tapes come in a variety of thicknesses. EVA Foam adhesive tapes are highly sticky, absorb well, are quite sturdy, and last a long time.

    EVA Foam adhesive tapes for the electronics sector are used to insulate wires and cables in electronics that have electricity running through them. These sticky tapes are pleasant to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    LED Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties is a company that specialises in specialised adhesive tape development for the LED industry. LED light bar modules, aluminium frame bezels, and heat sinks are all assembled using Double Sided EVA Foam adhesive tapes. Adhesive tapes function well on LED devices and can also be used to hold components in place. D/s EVA Foam adhesive tapes are also suitable for transporting heat from metals and polymers due to their structure and components. 

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a company that specialises in specialised adhesive tape development for the printing, packaging, and signs industries. The EVA Foam tape, which is widely utilised in this business, is our most recent in-house development. The pallet/platen sticky tape application is used for a variety of applications, including screen printing and other typical usage. Adhesive Specialities manufactures application adhesive tapes that have high adherence.

    They work well on a variety of surfaces, both comparable and dissimilar, and in both indoor and outdoor settings. EVA Foam tape is also very simple and quick to apply. Adhesive Specialties has a large range of adhesive tapes that are suitable for this sector.

    Renewable Energy Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities manufactures adhesive tapes that are capable of meeting the stringent requirements of the renewable energy industry. Adhesive Specialities’ expertise is in mixing the correct blend of materials to create the most appropriate adhesive tape solution with exceptional performance. Adhesive tapes for the renewable energy business can endure a variety of conditions. One of the most commonly utilised tapes in this business is EVA Foam tape.

    White Goods Industry:

    EVA Foam Tape is manufactured by Adhesive Specialties and is primarily used in the White Goods Industry to hold and secure components during transportation. These tapes are popular in this business because they do not leave any residue or adhesive markings when removed. Adhesive Specialties’ tapes also offer excellent adherence to steel, with a weight of up to 950 grams. These tapes are premium blue holding tapes with a high-quality natural rubber adhesive covering that adds durability and elongation to the tape. 

    Adhesive Specialties’ tapes offer excellent holding strength and can be utilised to hold and secure large components in the White Goods industry. These D/s EVA Foam Tapes are also extremely temperature resistant, allowing them to tolerate a wide range of temperatures for a variety of applications. Adhesive Specialties’ Double Sided EVA Foam Tapes can also be used in masking applications.

    AS-041-A-DS Eva Foam Tape 1.5mm


    AS-041-B DS Eva Foam Tape 2.00mm