Gummed Paper Tape (GPT)

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    Gummed Paper Tape (GPT)

    • 100% recyclable & environment friendly.
    • Available in self-adhesive or water activated adhesive variants.
    • Creates a bond with the box on sticking, making the entire parcel stronger & more secure.
    • Printing can be done as per request.
    More about Gummed Paper Adhesive Tapes from Adhesive Specialities

    What is Gummed Paper Adhesive Tape?

    Adhesive Specialities, Bangalore manufactures a speciality adhesive tape for Printing, Packaging and Signage needs. Gummed Paper Adhesive Tape is made out of brown Kraft paper. To make it even more eco-friendly, this adhesive tape is coated with water-activated potato starch adhesive making it eco-friendly. The Gummed Paper Tape manufactured at Adhesive Specialties is 100% biodegradable. This adhesive tape is ideal for industries where there is a requirement to ship a large number of packages/boxes. This Gummed Paper Tape allows an elevated degree of tamper resistance than a regular packaging tape. The properties of this adhesive tape make them good for the environment and suitable for printing applications.

    Adhesive specialties manufactures Gummed Paper Tape in 2 variants. Self-adhesive variant – This Gummed Paper Tape gets a self sticking adhesive which enables it to be used instantly for packaging. Water activated adhesive variant – This variant of the Gummed Paper Tape is equipped with an adhesive that gets activated by water which must be made wet to stick to the surface. 

    The Gummed Paper Tape is an economical choice and is widely used in industries for carton sealing. These adhesive tapes are very efficient in sealing cartons and they create a bond with the box on sticking, making the entire package stronger & more secure. The Gummed Paper Tape has a lot of customisable options and the printing on the tapes can be done as per your business needs.


    Gummed Paper Tape Uses and Properties :

    • The Gummed Paper Adhesive Tape is widely used to seal carton boxes and packages in various industrial sectors.
    • The base material used to manufacture this tape is the kraft paper of 65 gsm.
    • The adhesive used in this gummed paper type is potato starch.
    • This Gummed Paper Tape has a total thickness of 120 micrometer which makes it more durable and efficient.
    • This tape has pretty good tensile strength and can withstand upto a load of 6kgs.
    • The Gummed Paper Tapes have an elongation range of 2%.
    • These tapes work the best when used in ambient temperature conditions.
    • This Gummed Paper tape is coated with a water activated potato starch with a coating thickness of 19 – 38 gsm.
    • The Gummed Paper Tape manufactured by Adhesive Specialties is 100% biodegradable and recyclable making it a better choice over the regular packaging tape.
    • The packages and boxes sealed with the Gummed Paper Tape appear sleek and professional, reflecting well on both your goods and your brand.

    Uses of Gummed Paper Adhesive Tape in Various Industries :

    Printing, Packaging and Signage Industry:

    The Gummed Paper Tapes are the staple tapes used in the Packaging industry. These tapes have an edge over the standard packaging tape because they are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Using these tapes for sealing the cartons and packages make them more aesthetic and neat, emphasizing the brand’s image. The customization options given with this tape expands the range of its applications making it usable by a large number of brands. They’re also simple to print on, making them a terrific low-cost way to promote your business by including a logo or a personalised message in your shipments.

    Reach out to our team at Adhesive Specialities today, to get customized solutions for your adhesive tape requirements.

    AS-045-Gummed Paper Tape