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Lane Marking Machine

  • Lane marking machine helps in applying lane/floor marking or social distancing tape on the floor.
  • Also known as floor marking tape applicator.
  • Can apply tape as you walk.
  • Ensures bubble free application.


More about Lane Marking Machines from Adhesive Specialities

What are Lane Marking Machines?

Adhesive Specialities in Bangalore also manufactures Lane Marking Machines. Lane Marking Machines manufactured by us are premium quality marking machines that are used to apply lane or floor marking in industries to keep operations organized and to avoid confusion among the workers. They are made essentially to make work easier and more efficient. These Lane Marking Machines are also known as floor marking tape applicators. The Lane Marking Machines are extremely easy to use, and the tape marking can be done on the floor as you walk. The outstanding mechanism of these Marking Machines by Adhesive Specialties ensures bubble free application of the tape on the lane or floor. These Lane Marking Machines are equipped with a hardened silicone rubber roller at the bottom which ensures higher durability of the adhesive tape that is applied on the floor.


Lane Marking Machine Uses and Properties :

  • The Lane Marking Machines by Adhesive Specialties are used to apply adhesive tapes on the floor to mark lanes to keep things organised in industries and workplaces to avoid confusion.
  • Lane Marking Machines are extremely easy and effective to use.
  • This machine ensures bubble free application of adhesive tape that increases the adhesive efficiency of the tape.
  • This Lane Marking Machine by Adhesive Specialties has an in-built hardened silicone rubber roller that helps in applying the tape in a pressure to ensure the durability of the tape on the floor.
  •  These machines are flexible enough to use an adhesive tape size ranging between 1 inch to 4 inch.
  • This Lane Marking Machine comes in yellow colour and is quite light weighing just 15 kgs.


Uses of Electroplating Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

Construction and Interior Industry:

Adhesive Specialties manufactures high quality Lane Marking Machines that have a high usability in the construction and interior industry. These Lane Marking Machines help in marking lanes and help the workers in organising operations to increase productivity. Marking lanes using this Lane Marking Machine also helps in avoiding a lot of confusion among the workers and operations. Adhesive Specialties manufactures Lane Marking machines that are easy to use, you can literally get the job done by walking along with the machine.


Adhesive Specialties manufactures Lane Marking Machines that help in following the COVID-19 Protocol ie., maintaining social distance in public places, workplaces and industries. These Lane Marking Machines can be used in floor marking to indicate social distancing, which will help in stopping the virus from spreading. These Lane Marking machines are highly durable and light in weight which makes it more easy to use it in almost the places required. These machines manufactured by Adhesive Specialties have an option to use tape sizes that can range between 1 inch to 4 inches.

The fine mechanism in this Lane Marking Machine ensures even pressure is distributed while applying the tape on the floor. This makes the Lane or Floor marking more durable and long lasting. This lane marking helps everyone to be responsible and maintain social distancing to stop the spread of the virus.

Reach out to us today at Adhesive Specialities, to get the most suitable adhesive tape solution for your requirements.  


AS-048-Lane Marking Machine


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