Lithographic Tape

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    Lithographic Tape

    • UV light proof & at the same time allows visibility for perfect positioning.
    • Suitable for photography, printing & graphic applications.
    • Ideal for masking & stripping up of photographic films.
    • May also protect films, enlarging papers & printing plates during light exposure.
    • Available in ruby red colour.
    More About Lithographic Adhesive Tapes

    What are Lithographic Tapes?

    Adhesive Specialities’ Lithographic Tape is an unique tape made from a red cellulose sheet covered with a specially developed adhesive. During light exposure, the red film absorbs ultraviolet and visible shortwave radiation. It’s been particularly developed to reduce UV light transmission while using photographic masking. It is designed to be used with tungsten or fluorescent light sources and is sufficiently clear to allow easy placement of the tape over drawings or printed material.
    Photographic platemakers, printers, gravure and Flexi converters, engravers of printing and embossing plates and cylinders, screen printers, and printed circuit manufacturers all employ lithographic tape.

    Uses and properties of Lithographic tapes:

    • Films, enlarging papers, and printing plates may also be protected with lithographic tape made in Bangalore during light exposure. 
    • The Lithographic tape is UV light resistant while still providing visibility for precise placement. 
    • Masking and stripping up photographic films is  simple using this adhesive tape. 
    • This sticky tape is ideal for use in photography, printing, and graphic design.
    • Adhesive Specialities has a ruby red color available.

    Lithographic tapes uses in various industries: 

    Printing, Packaging and Signages Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is an adhesive tape manufacturer situated in Bangalore that specializes in tapes for the printing, packaging, and signage sectors. Adhesive Specialties’ lithographic tapes are ideal for use in printing, photography, and graphic design. 

    This sticky tape is great for printing because of its UV light resistance and ease of application and masking. Adhesive Specialties makes lithographic adhesive tape in a ruby red tint.

    AS-50-Lithographic Tape