Magnetic Tape

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    Magnetic Tape

    • Sun brand magnetic tape is composed of 2 layers of opposite magnetic poles, therefore the strips will not attract or stick to each other.
    • Premium quality long lasting anisotropic magnets are used.
    • Strong, flexible & durable.
    • Easy to cut & install.
    • Residue free.
    • Used for craft projects, home, graphics, banner, signs, dry erase boards & other DIY projects.
    • Perfect for use on porcelain tiles, plastic, metal & other smooth surfaces.
    More About Magnetic Tapes

    What are Magnetic Tapes?

    Adhesive Specialties manufactures Magnetic Tapes that are composed of double layers of opposite magnetic poles which will not attract the strips or stick to each other. These  tapes are equipped with the highest quality magnets for long lasting magnetic effectiveness. These magnetic tapes by Adhesive Specialties are completely residue free and do not leave any marks after removing it from the surface. These magnetic tapes are very strong, flexible and durable. These tapes by Adhesive Specialties work the best on smooth surfaces. 

    Magnetic Tapes Uses & Properties: 

    • Since Sun magnetic tape is made up of two layers with opposing magnetic poles, the strips will not attract or cling together. 
    • As long-lasting anisotropic magnets are employed, these magnetic adhesive tapes are of superior grade. 
    • These adhesive tapes are tough, flexible, and long-lasting. 
    • Magnetic tapes are simple to cut and apply. 
    • Magnetic adhesive tapes have the property of being residue-free. 
    • Magnetic tapes may be used for a variety of purposes, including craft projects, home decor, graphics, banners, signage, dry erase boards, and other DIY projects. 
    • They work well with porcelain tiles, plastic, metal, and other smooth surfaces.

    Uses of Magnetic Tapes in various industries: 

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities is an Indian-based adhesive tape company with a focus on the printing, packaging, and signs industries. Magnetic tape, on the other hand, is a flexible and long-lasting in-house product. Craft projects, home décor, graphics, banners, and signs are just a few of the DIY projects that can be done with magnetic sticky tape.  These adhesive tapes adhere to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal, and porcelain tiles. Magnetic tapes are easy to cut and apply, and they leave no residue behind. Only long-lasting anisotropic magnets are used at Adhesive Specialties to create these outstanding magnetic adhesive tapes.