Margin Tape

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    Margin Tape

    • Used for coil wrapping, transformers & electrical motors.
    • Available in 3.0 mm width onwards.
    More About Margin Tape

    What is Margin Tape?

    Margin tape is a thick polyester film with an acrylic adhesive on one side that has been treated. The tape is available in white or transparent colour and has a minimum width of 3 mm. This tape is used in a wide range of industries, particularly in the electronics and related industries. 

    Margin Tape is ideal for coil barriers and secondary and primary insulation in transformers, among other applications. For the aforementioned uses, the thickness and CTI rating assist efficiency and effectiveness.

    Margin Tape Uses and Properties :

    • In the market, Margin tapes are commonly known as composite tapes or barrier tapes. 
    • Coil wrapping, transformers, and electrical motors are all examples of applications. 
    • The tape is available with a 3.0mm width as a minimum size, letting you customize the size according to the requirement. 

    Uses of Margin Tape in Various Industries :
    Electrical Industry :

    Pressure-sensitive Margin Tapes are manufactured by Adhesive Specialities and can be used to insulate electrical lines and cables. Margin Tapes are ideal for the electrical industry since they are extremely sticky, absorb well, and last longer. These barrier tapes can be used to wrap coils, transformers, and electrical motors.
    Electrical wire handling solutions can benefit from margin tapes, which are primarily used to insulate wires and cables that have electricity running through them. These sticky tapes are pleasant to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective. 

    Electronics Industry :

    Electronic tapes vary in durability and conductivity depending on the type of electrical tape used and the solution for which it was designed. Adhesive Specialities manufactures pressure-sensitive margin adhesive tapes for electronics that are used to insulate electrical lines and cables.
    Composite tapes manufactured by Adhesive Specialities are available with a minimum  width of 3mm and can be customised according to the requirements. 

    AS - 053 - Margin Tape