Opthalmic Lens Edging Tape

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    Opthalmic Lens Edging Tape

    One of the recent developments of Adhesive Specialities is a blocking pad and Intermediary Film Pads or Non-Slip Disks.

    The right lens blocking pad is crucial to obtaining a perfect edging result. Better edging means minimal waste due to broken or improperly shaped lenses, which leads to less wasted materials and time.

    Intermediary Film Disk on a Non-Slip disk is an easy-lift tab for quick removal. The Intermediary Film Disks or Non-slip disks, reduce slippage while edging Hydrophobic-Coated Lenses.

    Our blocking pads come in a wide variety of different styles customized for different machines. The soft polyolefin foam in edging tape is conformable to all types of lenses and curvatures.

    Using the blocking pads by Adhesive Specialities, you can feel confident that you’re getting a strong grip, which will adhere properly to your materials and hold them securely during the edging process. This secure grip will help your machine achieve optimal edging precision with minimal waste and minimal time.

    Type of Adhesive :

    1. Edging Tape – Specially formulated Synthetic Natural Rubber.
    2. Anti-Slip Disk – Specially formulated low VOC Acrylic Adhesive.

    Ophthalmic Lens Edging Tape