Polyester Laminated Fleece Tape

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    Polyester Laminated Fleece Tape

    Polyester Laminated Fleece Tape is a Electrical Tape with polyester /polyester non-woven laminated backing   and a thermosetting rubber adhesive. This tape are characterised by their good ductility and resistance to tear. Withstands a temperature range of 32 to 266 °F (0 to 130 °C) so classified as B thermal class insulation.


    • Ideal for securing phase insulation in a motor or generator end-winding region.
    • Ideal for economical, general-purpose insulation, anchoring and banding in motors and transformers.
    • For protecting start wires, leads, terminal strips and insulation paper
    More about Polyester Laminated Fleece Tapes

    What are Polyester Laminated Fleece Tape?

    Electrical tape with a polyester/polyester non-woven laminated backing and a thermosetting rubber adhesive is known as polyester laminated fleece tape manufactured in Bangalore at Adhesive Specialities. This tape is distinguished by its excellent ductility and tear resistance. B thermal class insulation is defined as material that withstands a temperature range of 32 to 266 °F (0 to 130 °C).

    Uses & Properties of Polyester Laminated Fleece Tape:

    • The end-winding region of a motor or generator is the perfect place to secure phase insulation with these polyester tapes.
    • The inexpensive, all-purpose insulating, banding, and anchoring uses of polyester non-woven laminated adhesive tapes in motors and transformers are suitable.
    • These sticky tapes are ideal for shielding insulating sheets, terminal strips, leads, start wires, and leads.

    Uses of Polyester Laminated tapes in various industries:

    Electrical Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties manufacturers Polyester Laminated Fleece Tapes, which are perfect for the electrical sector. This polyester laminated fleece tape is an electrical tape with a thermosetting rubber adhesive and a polyester/polyester non-woven laminated backing.

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