Polyimide Film 1 mil

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    Polyimide Film 1 mil

    • Polyimide film is available in 1 mil and 2 mil thicknesses.
    • Resistant to chemicals.
    • Temperature resistance -40 °C to 350 °C.
    • Ideal insulating material for use with high voltage application.
    • Suitable for battery insulation.
    • Insulating cooper conductor.
    • For curing composite.
    • Used in the electronics industry for flexible cables and as an insulating film on magnet wire.
    • Used in 3D printing
    More About Polyimide Films

    What is a Polyimide Film?

    A Polyimide film is an Ideal insulating material that is primarily used in electrical applications. These films are used against high voltage applications in particular. With a Temperature resistance of -40 °C to 350 °C, these films are Suitable for battery insulation, Insulating copper conductors, and curing composite. 

    The use of Polyimide film does not stop here. They are also used in the electronics industry for flexible cables and as an insulating film on magnet wire as these films have a resistance to chemicals. 

    Apart from being used in the electronic industry, this tape is used in 3D printing as well. 

    Polyimide Film-1  are a special grade backing material that has an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide range of temperatures with high-level dimensional stability and adhesion characteristics. 

    These films are used for insulation in pulling motors, submersible motors, nuclear power generating equipment and high-temperature resistance wire and cables.


    Polyimide Films Uses and properties:


    • Polyimide films are used significantly in the electronics industry for flexible cables and as insulating film on magnet wires. 
    • The 1 mil films have a Temperature resistance of -40 °C to 350 °C and are resistant to chemicals.
    • The ideal insulating material for any electrical application is polyimide films of 1 mil as these cant withstand high voltage applications. 
    • A few of the many advantages of these polyimide films are that they are suitable for battery insulation, for Insulating copper conductors and for For curing composite.
    • The use of the tape does not stop at the electronics industry alone as they are also utilized in 3D printing.

    Uses of Polyimide Films in Various Industries : 

    Electrical Industry:

    Polyimide films are coated with a high-performance silicone adhesive The product is designed for numerous temperature masking applications and is approved for use in electrical insulation applications with class H requirements. 

    Electronics Industry: 

    Polyimide films have an excellent dielectric strength with a very high-temperature mask during powder coating, anodizing, etching applications. These tapes are used in the automobile industry for wrapping switches, diaphragms, manifolds, sensors, and coils in seat heaters. In the aerospace industry, Mica tapes are used for the insulation of aircraft and spacecraft wings. The tapes are used on electrical applications where static is an issue.

    AS-077 Polyimide Film 1mil


    AS-078 Polyimide Tape 2mil