Polyimide Tape 2mil

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    Polyimide Tape 2mil

    • Flame retardant.
    • Wide temperature range as low as -40 °C and as high as 400 °C.
    • Excellent dielectric strength.
    • Very high-temperature masking during powder coating, anodizing, etching applications.
    • Ideal for wave soldering.
    • In 3D printing.
    • Remove cleanly leaving no residue.
    • In the aerospace industry for insulation of aircraft and spacecraft wings. in electrical applications where static is an issue.
    • Available with silicone and acrylic adhesives.
    • Used in the automobile industry for wrapping switches, diaphragms, manifolds, sensors, and coils in seat heaters.
    • Used as masking circuit board & in circuit board construction.
    • In Fibre Optics Cable in semiconductor manufacturing.
    • Available in die-cut and roll forms.
    More About Polyimide Tape

    What are Polyimide Tapes?

    2mil Polyimide Tapes are comprised of a specific grade polyimide backing material with a high-temperature silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

    Cryogenic insulation, high-temperature masking, circuit board gold finger protection, 3D printing, heat transfer printing, connections during wave soldering, transformer, motor, and coil insulation, fibre optics cables, and solar panels are just a few of the uses for 2mil polyimide tapes.


    Polyimide Tape Uses and Properties :

    • Polyimide adhesive tapes are used to mask circuit boards and to create circuit boards.
    • The dielectric strength of Polyimide Adhesive Tape is good.
    • Polyimide tapes can be used to wrap switches, diaphragms, manifolds, sensors, and coils in seat heaters in the automotive sector.
    • Polyimide tapes with silicone and acrylic adhesions are available from Bangalore-based Adhesive Specialities.
    • Fibre Optics Cable can employ double-sided polyimide tape for semiconductor manufacture.
    • The tape can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as 400 degrees Celsius.
    • Wave soldering can be done with Polyimide Film tapes.
    • Static is a problem in electrical applications, hence polyimide masking tapes are used.
    • 3D printing can be done with polyimide tape.
    • These sticky tapes may be readily removed and do not leave any residue.
    • These adhesive tapes are used in the aerospace sector to insulate aircraft and spacecraft wings.
    • During powder coating, electroplating, and etching applications, Polyimide tapes provide very high-temperature masking.
    • Customisation of die-cut and roll forms is possible to meet your requirements.

    Uses of Polyimide Tape in Various Industries : 

    Aerospace Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialties is a Bangalore-based company that specialises in aviation tape. Because of their outstanding adhesive characteristics, polyimide tapes are frequently used. This sticky tape may be used for flash breakers, general purpose indoor and outdoor sealing, and more. These adhesive tapes are used to insulate the wings of planes and spacecraft in the aerospace sector.

    These adhesive tapes are perfect for aircraft applications since they can tolerate high temperatures. Adhesive Specialties produces a comprehensive range of high-quality adhesive tapes that are ideal for this industry’s needs.

    Automotive Industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a tape producer specialising on automotive applications. In the automobile sector, adhesive tapes are extensively used for a range of purposes, including heat/electrical protection and internal/external mounting.

    In the automobile industry, polyimide tapes may be used to wrap switches, diaphragms, manifolds, sensors, and coils in seat warmers. Polyimide adhesive tapes are suitable for this business since they have a natural rubber sticky layer. These 2 mil Polyimide tapes are perfect for car holdings because to their chemical and temperature tolerance.

    Electrical Industry:

    In India, Adhesive Specialities makes tapes for the electrical industry utilising polyimide masking. These pressure-sensitive masking tapes are used to isolate electrical wires and cables. Electrical adhesive tapes are very sticky, absorb quickly, and have a long shelf life. The adhesive tapes also include flame retardant properties as well as high tensile and impact strength.

    Polyimide masking tapes may be used for a variety of applications, including simple insulation. In nature, they live for a very long time. Electrical adhesive tapes are simple to use, pleasant to wear, and very effective. Any electrical application with a static issue should utilise these adhesive tapes.

    Electronic Industry:

    Polyimide Tapes are silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives used to insulate electrical lines and cables for use in the electronics sector, and are manufactured by Adhesive Specialities. Polyimide Film tapes come in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate a wide range of applications. Polyimide tapes have a high adhesive strength, absorb well, are durable, and last a long time.

    Wires and cables in electrically powered equipment are insulated with polyimide adhesive tapes for the electronics sector. These sticky tapes are simple to use, comfortable to wear, and extremely efficient. High-temperature masking and circuit board gold finger protection are only two of the applications for these tapes.

    Paint & Coating Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities in Bangalore produces polyimide adhesive tapes for the paint & coatings industry. Polyimide tapes can be used for both exterior and interior masking, and they leave no residue on a wide range of surfaces, including glossy ones.

    Adhesive Specialties offers a wide range of tapes in a number of materials, such as cloth, film, and paper, that are all easy to apply and remove. Polyimide masking tapes are produced in Bangalore from high-quality crepe paper. When painting inside, these sticky tapes are used to protect surfaces from paint, dust, and oil spray.

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities is an Indian-based adhesive tape company with a focus on the printing, packaging, and sign industries. The polyimide tape, which is widely used in 3D printing, is our most recent in-house development. White Adhesive Specialties manufactures high-adherence application adhesive tapes for a variety of applications, including screen printing and other typical purposes.

    These adhesive tapes work well on a variety of surfaces, both comparable and dissimilar, in both indoor and outdoor settings. Polyimide adhesive tapes are extremely simple to put on and take off. Adhesive Specialties has a wide range of adhesive tapes suitable for this sector.

    Renewable Energy Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties produces adhesive tapes that can withstand the rigours of the renewable energy industry. Adhesive Specialities’ expertise is in mixing the proper materials to provide the greatest adhesive tape solution with the best performance.

    Renewable energy adhesive tapes are resistant to a variety of conditions. Polyimide Film tape is one of the most often used tapes in the industry, and it may be utilised for a variety of purposes. Solar panels also make use of these sticky adhesives.


    AS-079-A Polyimide Tape 1mil


    AS-079-B Polyimide Tape 2mil