Reflective Tape – Red

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    Reflective Tape – Red

    • Extensibility, stickiness, and brightness are all excellent.
    • Tens of thousands of tiny glass beads make up retro-reflective tape, which reflects light and transmits a focused picture back to the original light source.
    • Guidelines for retro-reflective markings on heavy goods truck trailers, automobiles, buses, and other vehicles, as well as road cones.
    • High visualisation and counter-reflective abilities.
    More about Reflective Tapes from Adhesive Specialties

    What are Reflective Tapes?

    Reflective Tapes are a versatile thin retro reflective tape meant to boost the visibility of goods put on it in low-light and nighttime situations. The idea of retro reflection is used to increase visibility. When lighted by a light source (such as automotive headlights), the retro reflecting surface has exposed, wide-angle lenses that reflect the light back to the source (the automobile driver’s eye).

    Adhesive Specialties makes commercial-grade retro reflective tapes that are highly visible at night and have good weather durability in extreme temperatures. Adhesive Specialties’ tapes have a strong counter-reflective ability and provide excellent vision.

    Adhesive Specialties’ Reflective Tapes are very long-lasting, with a minimum lifespan of three years. These tapes are ultra-thin and have a strong stickiness. Acrylic is used as the basis material by Adhesive Specialties, making the tapes more conformable and flexible for usage on a variety of surfaces.


    Reflective Tapes Uses and Properties:

    • Adhesive Specialties’ Reflective Tapes are very flexible.
    • The operating temperature of these Reflective Tapes is 5 to 30 degrees, and the working temperature is -20 to 60 degrees.
    • Adhesive Specialties makes retro-reflective tapes containing tens of thousands of microscopic glass beads that reflect light and convey a focused picture back to the source of illumination.
    • To achieve great reflectibility and high brightness, Adhesive Specialties employs high quality commercial grade raw material to make these Reflective Tapes.
    • Adhesive Specialties’ Reflective Tapes offer a 35 micrometre adhesive thickness and a good adhesive strength of 0.8 kilogrammes.
    • The adhesiveness of these Reflective Specialties is of the highest grade, ensuring great stickiness and durability.Uses of Reflective Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

    Automotive Industry:

    Reflective Tapes are made by Adhesive Specialties manufactured in Bangalore, for the automotive industry. These Retro-Reflective Tapes are used to provide guidelines for retro-reflective markings on trailers, automobiles, buses, and other vehicles, as well as road cones.

    These high-grade reflective strips promote road safety by avoiding accidents on motorways and other roads at night.

     Construction and Interior Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties’ reflective tapes are frequently utilised in the construction and interior design industries to keep workers safe and prevent major mishaps. The high reflectivity offers extremely safe working conditions for construction workers, which is a top priority in the sector.

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