Sticky Mat

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    Sticky Mat

    • Sticky Mat is dust, dirt absorbing pad to use at the clean room’s entrance, walkways etc.
    • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and makes it easy to maintain a clean surface.
    • Traps dirt off the feet.
    • To be placed at areas like automotive, aerospace, hospitals, biotech, pharmaceutical, construction, photography, warehouses, server rooms, semiconductor etc.
    More About Sticky Mat

    What is a Sticky Mat?

    The Sticky Mat is a dust-absorbing mat that may be put in the clean room’s entry and buffer. It can efficiently remove dust from the shoe sole and heel, reducing the amount of dust in the surroundings to a minimum. Pollutant particles may be efficiently prevented by using a sticky mat to maintain working conditions clean.

    The electronics, computer, food, and refrigeration sectors all employ sticky mat. Clean rooms, laboratories, semi-conductor industries, instruments, aerospace and nuclear industries, surgical rooms, and other environments benefit from it.

    Uses & Properties for Sticky Mat:

    • The Sticky Mat is a dust and dirt-absorbing mat that may be used at the clean room’s entry, pathways, and other areas. 
    • Peeling these adhesive mat sheets off eliminates the need for messy cleaning and makes keeping a clean surface simple. 
    • These sticky mats keep dirt off your feet. 
    • Automotive, aerospace, hospitals, biotech, pharmaceutical, construction, photography, warehouses, server rooms, semiconductor, and other industries should employ sticky mats.

    Uses of sticky mat in various industries: 

    Automotive industry:

    Adhesive Specialities is a Bangalore-based tape manufacturer that makes specialty tapes for the automotive industry. Sticky Mats collect dust and grime, making it simpler to clean your car. Dirt can be kept off your feet with these sticky mats.

    Construction & Interior Industry:

    Specialties in adhesives Sticky Mats are developed and manufactured in India to provide safety in practically all sectors where there is a risk of accidents and slippage, which may result in significant injuries and safety concerns. Peeling these sticky mat sheets off avoids the need for messy cleaning and simplifies the task of maintaining a clean surface.

    Covid 19 Industry:

    The covid-19 patients require a lot of clean and fresh environment, which is why these sticky mats come in handy for this industry. These adhesive mats reduce the foot bourne contamination and are easily disposable too. 

    Electronics Industry:

    Sticky Mats, which are made in India, are used in the electronics, computer, food, and refrigeration industries. In the electronics sector, these sticky mats are employed because they leave the surface clean and reduce the need for dirty cleaning.

    White Goods Industry: 

    Sticky mats are manufactured by Adhesive Specialties and are mostly utilized in the White Goods Industry. These mats are widely utilised in the industry since they leave no residue and as they are beneficial to the environment, they are employed in a variety of industries.

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