Surface Protection Tape 40 mic – Milky White

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    Surface Protection Tape 40 mic – Milky White

    • Adhesive Specialties offers an extensive selection of surface protection tapes to shield surfaces from scratches, damage, dirt, and grime.
    • Free of any residue
    • Compatible with many surface textures (smooth/glossy, matte/debossed).
    • Diverse supplementary materials (LLDPE, PET,PVC, PE).
    • Water Resistant.
    • Exterior variables that may affect the surface protection tapes (UV, sunlight exposure, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure).
    • Compatible with numerous surface varieties (Metal, glass, plastic, Optic lenses, decorative laminate, stone, carpet, coated surface like auto parts etc.)
    • Printing is available upon request.
    • The rationale for surface defence (abrasion, smudging, scratches).
    • There are three types of SPT adhesives: solvent acrylic, rubber-based, and acrylic emulsion.
    More about Surface Protection Tape

    What is Surface Protection Tape ?

    Surface Protection Tape (SPT) consists of 40 micron LDPE film covered with an acrylic emulsion adhesive. Self-Adhesive SPT provides exceptional damage and scratch protection. The tape has an adjustable peel force, leaves no adhesive residue, and is both weather and ultraviolet light resistant.

    Surface Protection Tape is appropriate for acrylic sheet, aluminium profiles, stainless steel sheets, galvanised steel coils, and foam boards, etc.

    Uses and Properties of Surface Protection Tape 

    • Adhesive Specialties provides surface protection tapes to safeguard surfaces against scratches, damage, dust, and grime.
    • This adhesive Tape is supported by numerous materials (LLDPE, PET, PVC, and PE) (LLDPE, PET, PVC, PE).
    • Protection is required for a specific time period.
    • Factors that are outside the control of surface protection tapes (UV, sunlight exposure, harsh temperatures, chemical exposure)
    • The tape is resistant to water.
    • When the tape is removed, no residue remains.
    • Printing is available upon request.
    • Compatible with a range of materials, including metal, glass, plastic, optical lenses, decorative laminate, stone, carpet, etc.
    • SPT can be made utilising a variety of adhesives, such as acrylic solvent, rubber-based adhesives, and acrylic emulsion.
    • Multiple factors (abrasion, smearing, and scratching) demand surface protection (abrasion, smudging, scratches).

    Uses of Surface Protection Tape in various industries

    Aerospace Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties is the market leader in aeronautical tape. Surface-protected adhesive tapes are commonly utilised due to their enhanced adhesion capabilities. These surface protective adhesive tapes can be utilised as flash breakers, for general indoor and outdoor sealing, as well as for other purposes. These sticky tapes can endure high temperatures, making them perfect for use in aircraft. Adhesive Specialties provides a variety of high-quality adhesive tapes that fulfil the requirements of this industry.

    Automotive Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties is a manufacturer of specialty tapes for the automotive sector. The automotive industry employs adhesive tapes for a variety of purposes, including as heat/electrical shielding and internal/external installation.

    Adhesive Specialties offers surface protection tapes to protect surfaces against strains, fractures, filth, and dirt. Surface Protection tapes are suitable for this company because they are resistant to high temperatures and are available with a variety of adhesives, including solvent-based, acrylic, rubber-based, and acrylic emulsion, all of which can be utilised as appropriate.

    Construction & Interior Industry:

    Surface Protection tapes are manufactured by Adhesive Specialties to assure safety in practically all industries where accidents and slipping, which can result in significant injuries and safety concerns, are likely. Cassettes are categorised according to one product, one material, one function, one application method, one distribution route, and one end-user. Where individuals are more likely to trip and fall, such as at building entrances and stairwells, Surface Protection tapes are recommended.

    Surface Protection tapes are particularly useful in areas with a change in elevation and surfaces that are slippery. Surface Protection tapes are available from Adhesive Specialties to protect surfaces from strains, damages, dust, and filth.

    Electrical Industry:

    Surface Protection tapes developed by Adhesive Specialties are utilised in the electrical industry to insulate wires and cables. These adhesive tapes are available in a range of colours and widths, each suited to a particular application. Electrical adhesive tapes are very adhesive, absorbent, and resilient. The SPT possess a strong tensile and impact strength as well as fire resistance.

    Surface Protection tapes can be utilised for numerous purposes, including simple insulation. They are exceptionally hardy by nature. Effective, user-friendly, and simple to use, adhesive tapes for electrical applications are efficient and user-friendly.

    Electronics Industry:

    Pressure-sensitive Surface Protection tapes from Adhesive Specialties are utilised in the electronics industry to insulate electrical lines and cables. Tapes for Surface Protection are very sticky, absorbent, tough, and long-lasting. In the electronics industry, SPT are used to insulate electrically conducting wires and cables. These sticky tapes are user-friendly, effective, and simple to use.

    Surface Protection tapes are especially helpful in places with a change in elevation and slick surfaces. Adhesive Specialties offers Surface Protection tapes to protect surfaces from strains, damages, dust, and grime. Any electrical device may experience problems with gasketing, overheating, static for EMI/RFI shielding, and friction.

    HVAC Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties produces high-tack Surface Protection tapes with thermal insulating properties to the HVAC sector for sealing and joining ducts. The exceptional tensile strength and stickiness of these tapes makes them perfect for usage in the heating and cooling sectors.

    These Surface Protection tapes from adhesive specialties are beneficial in both hot and cold conditions due to their broad temperature range. These tapes are appropriate for roofing applications requiring flashing, seams, and insulation. It is a reliable product for sealing joints and seams in industrial pipes for thermal insulation since it comprises an adhesive with exceptional adhesion and holding strength.

    LED Industry:

    Sticky Specialties specialises in adhesive tape manufacture for the LED industry. Surface Protection tape is used in the fabrication of LED light bar modules, metal frame bezels, and heat sinks. LED devices can benefit from adhesive tapes, which can also be used to secure components.

    Adhesive Specialties provides die-cut and converted flexible LED components. Light diffusers and reflectors, vents, stealing gaskets, thermal interface solutions, and permanent and temporary bonding are typical applications for the tape. Adhesive Specialties manufactures 40-micron-thick, milky-white Surface Protection tapes to protect surfaces from strains, abrasions, filth, and grime.

    Paint & Coatings Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties offers Surface Protection tapes for use in the paint and coatings industry. Transparent Surface Protection tapes can be used to conceal exterior and interior surfaces, even on glossy surfaces, without leaving a residue. These adhesive tapes are residue-free and resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion, and high temperatures.

    Adhesive Specialties’ Surface Protection tapes protect surfaces against pressures, damage, dust, and grime. Adhesive Specialties offers a comprehensive selection of cloth, film, and paper-based tapes.

    Renewable Energy Industry:

    Adhesive Specialties produces adhesive tapes that can withstand the demanding circumstances of the renewable energy sector. Adhesive Specialties is an expert at combining the necessary components to provide the most efficient adhesive tape solution. Surface protection tapes for the renewable energy industry are designed to endure a broad spectrum of environmental conditions. Companies in the oil and gas, battery, and energy storage industries might possibly benefit from the tape.

    White Goods Industry: 

    Surface Protection tapes developed by Adhesive Specialties are frequently utilised by the White Goods Industry to secure and maintain components during shipping. When removed, these tapes leave no residue or adhesive residue, making them popular in this industry.

    These premium Surface Protection tapes are coated with a high-quality natural rubber adhesive that improves the tape’s tensile strength and durability. The adhesive tapes of Adhesive Specialties provide exceptional adhesion and can be used to hold and secure large components in the White Goods industry. Due to their great temperature resistance, these Surface Protection tapes can withstand a variety of temperatures in a variety of applications.


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