Surface Protection Tape

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    Surface Protection Tape

    • Surface Protection Tape protects your surfaces from scratches, damages, dust, dirt and moisture.
    • It is suitable for Metal, glass, plastic, Optic lenses, decorative laminate, stone, carpet, coated surfaces like auto parts, etc.
    • The Surface Protective Tape can be on a variety of textures (Smooth/Glossy, Matte/Embossed).
    • Range of backing material (LLDPE, PET,PVC, PE).
    • Environmental issues which might affect include UV, sunlight exposure, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure
    • Duration for which protection is required.
    • Reason for protection of surface (abrasion, smudging, scratches).
    • Our Surface tape leave no adhesive residue when removed.
    • They are resistant to water.
    • Printing can be done as per request.
    • We can make from a wide variety of adhesives like Solvent acrylic, Rubber based and Acrylic Emylsion.
    • Protection is required for a specific amount of time.
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    What is Surface Protection Tape ?

    It is a clear 40 micron LDPE film with an acrylic emulsion adhesive coating. SPT is self-adhesive and provides exceptional scratch and damage resistance. The peel force of the tape may be adjusted, and there is no adhesive residue.  The tape adheres well to both glass and steel surfaces, leaving no residues. 

    Any rough surface can be protected using it with a high tack. Surface Protective Tape versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of sectors.

    Uses in Various Industries : 

    Aerospace Industry:

    We’re the leading surface protection tape manufacturers in India specialises in aeronautical tape. Polyester powder coated adhesive tapes are frequently utilised due to their excellent adhesive properties. Flash breakers, general purpose indoor and outdoor sealing, and more can all be accomplished with these adhesive tapes. Because they can withstand high temperatures, these adhesive tapes are ideal for aircraft applications. We manufactures a wide selection of high-quality adhesive tapes that are perfect for the needs of this business. 

    Automotive Industry:

    In the automotive industry, surface protection tape are utilised for anything from heat/electrical shielding to internal/external installation. 

    It protect surfaces from stretches, damages, dust, grime and are perfect for this industry since they are heat resistant and come in a variety of adhesives, including solvent, acrylic, rubber-based, and acrylic emulsion, all of which can be utilized depending on the needs.

    Construction & Interior Industry:

    It provide safety in virtually every industry where there is a possibility of accidents and slipping, which can result in serious injuries and safety issues. One product, one material, one function, one application method, one distribution route, and one end-user are used to categorise the cassettes. Surface Protection tape are recommended for use around building entrances and stairwells, where individuals are more likely to trip or slip. 

    They are especially useful in locations where there is a change in elevation and the surface is prone to becoming slippery. Our tape protect surfaces from strains, damages, dust, and grime.

    Electrical Industry:

    They are pressure-sensitive and used to insulate electrical wires and cables, are manufactured by Adhesive Specialities for the electrical sector. These polyester adhesive tapes come in a variety of colours and thicknesses, each tailored for a certain application. Electrical adhesive tapes are very sticky, absorb well, and have a longer lifespan. The polyester powder coated adhesive tapes are flame resistant and have high tensile and impact strength. 

    It can be used for a variety of applications, including basic insulation. They are extremely long-lasting in nature. Electrical adhesive tapes are comfortable to use, simple to apply, and extremely effective.

    Electronics Industry:

    They are pressure-sensitive and used in the electronics industry to insulate electrical lines and cables. Surface Protection tape are extremely adhesive, absorbent, durable, long-lasting and are used in the electronics industry to insulate wires and cables that have electricity running through them. These sticky tapes are easy to apply, pleasant to use, and incredibly effective. 

    It is especially useful in locations where there is a change in elevation and the surface is prone to becoming slippery. It also protect surfaces from strains, damages, dust, and grime. The tape protects against gasketing, overheating, static for EMI/RFI shielding, and reduces friction, which can be a problem with any electrical item. 

    HVAC Industry:

    Surface Protection tape has thermal insulating qualities and are used to seal and join ducts in HVAC systems, are manufactured by Adhesive Specialties for the HVAC industry. Because these tapes are very sticky and have a high tensile strength, they are ideal for the heating and cooling industries. 

    Because of their wide working temperature range, these Protection tapes perform well in both hot and cold circumstances. These tapes are ideal for flashing, joints, and insulation in roofing applications. It’s a very trustworthy product for sealing joints and seams in industrial pipes for thermal insulation because it’s made of high-quality adhesive with super strong adhesion and holding strength.

    LED Industry:

    We are specialised in the production of tape for the LED sector. LED light bar modules, metal frame bezels, and heat sink manufacturing processes all use Surface Protection tape. LED gadgets benefit from adhesive tapes, which can also be utilised to hold components in place.

    We supplies die-cut and converted flexible parts for the LED market. The tape is commonly used for light diffusers and reflectors, vents, stealing gaskets, thermal interface solutions, and permanent and temporary bonding. It protect surfaces from strains, damages, dust, and grime.

    Paint & Coatings Industry:

    It is used in the paint and coatings industry. Available in sticky tape with a polyester backing for easy application and clean removal. It can be used for both exterior and interior masking on a variety of surfaces and leave no residue, even on glossy surfaces. These adhesive tapes leave no residue, are resistant to water, chemicals, and abrasion, and can tolerate high temperatures.

    They protect surfaces against strains, damages, dust, and filth. Adhesive Specialities offers an extensive range of tapes that can be made in cloth, films and paper. 

    Renewable Energy Industry:

    Our tape are tough enough to endure the rigours of the renewable energy industry. The expertise of Adhesive Specialities lies in combining the right ingredients to offer the best adhesive tape solution with the best performance. Surface protection tape for the renewable energy industry are designed to withstand a wide range of circumstances.

    Oil and gas, batteries, and energy storage are among the industries that potentially benefit from the tape. Adhesive Specialties makes Protective tapes to protect surfaces from strains, damages, dust, and dirt.

    White Goods Industry: 

    They are used in White Goods Industry to retain and secure components during shipping. These tapes are popular in this business because they do not leave any residue or adhesive markings when removed. Adhesive Specialties’ tapes also offer excellent adherence to steel, with a weight of up to 950 grams.

    These premium Surface Protection tape with a high-quality natural rubber adhesive coating that adds durability and elongation to the tape. It also offer excellent holding strength and can be utilised to hold and secure large components in the White Goods industry. These tape are extremely temperature resistant, allowing them to tolerate a wide range of temperatures for a variety of applications.

    AS-103-A SPT 40mic-Htk


    AS-103-B 40mic Htk+


    AS-103-C 40mic-Matt


    AS-103-D 40mic-Mw


    AS-103-E SPT 40mic Glass


    AS-104 SPT 45mic B&W


    AS-105-A SPT 50mic-Carpet


    AS-105-B SPT 50mic Ltk


    AS-106 SPT-60mic-Mw


    AS-107 SPT AutobodyGuard


    AS-107-A SPT 75mic-B&W


    AS-109 SPT 100mic-Carpet


    AS-110-A-Ophthalmic Lens Protection Tape-Alloy


    AS-110-B -Ophthalmic Lens Protection Tape-Wax