Textile printing is a crucial aspect of the sewing industry and can also be applied in messy work processes. In many cases, the screen printing process can become disorderly, which, in turn, affects production time.

Adhesive Specialities firmly believes in providing simple and effective solutions to our end-users that will benefit them in the long run.

Recently, under the guidance of its team of researchers and developers, Adhesive Specialities has introduced pallet film with a rubber adhesive, which will be a significant advantage for the sewing industry.

You can use pallet tape during screen printing to improve the adhesion of the material on the pallet. Here are a few ways:

It would require continuous cleaning of the pallet and interrupt production.

Pallet tape can be used to mask pallets or rollers to avoid scratches or unwanted marks, making them more durable. The adhesive tape can protect the roller and equipment, allowing clothing manufacturers to provide their customers with better and higher-quality products.

What are the advantages of using pallet tape?

Adhesive Specialities’ paper pallet tape ensures complete clean and easy removal, meaning it leaves no adhesive, bubbles, or traces on the roller. This helps maintain the quality of the roller for an extended period. It can also be easily applied without any additional effort. Another significant advantage of using pallet tapes is that the use of cleaning solvents (used for cleaning rollers/pallets) is significantly reduced, contributing to environmental improvement and reducing production costs.

In brief, what are the key features of Adhesive Specialities’ pallet tape?

  1. Clean and Easy Removal
  2. Quickly adheres to the surface
  3. Total thickness: 120 microns
  4. Base material: special flattened paper
  5. Our adhesive tape withstands temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius
  6. Suitable for various pallet shapes

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