Asetatlı Kumaş Bez Bandı

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    Asetatlı Kumaş Bez Bandı

    Asetatli Kumaş Bez Elektrik Bandı, 105 °C’ye kadar olan bobin sarma uygulamalarında mükemmel uyumluluğa sahiptir.

    • mükemmel yalıtım özelliklerine sahiptir
    • iyi çarpma dayanıklılığına sahiptir
    • yüksek etkinliğe sahiptir
    • Uzun ömürlü
    • Basit ve kolay kullanım
    • Rahat
    • bobin kapağı olarak kullanılır.
    • Elle yırtılması kolaydır.
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    More about Acetate Cloth Adhesive Tapes

    What are Acetate Cloth Adhesive Tapes?

    Acetate Cloth Tape is acetate cloth coated with thermosetting rubber adhesive, which gives the tape high adhesion, conformability, printability and it also has excellent insulating properties. These adhesive tapes are highly versatile and can withstand extreme temperature usage. The adhesive tape is hand tear-able which makes it easy to use, making it the perfect choice for specific electrical use applications. 

    In terms of the adhesive tape application, Acetate Cloth Tape is used in final insulation of coils. It is mainly used in lead-holding and inter-winding where high mechanical strength is required, during final wrapping of coils in transformers, relays, resistors, solenoids and ignition, insulator coil outer wrap in F.H.P. motors. The adhesive tape may also be used in end-turn and interphase insulation and cable harnessing. Thus, providing a wholesome solution, as they offer excellent insulation capabilities. 

    Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape has excellent conformability in coil wrapping applications up to 105°C. Acetate cloth tapes also offer excellent absorption of resins and varnishes. As this adhesive tape is made from flexible acetate fabric, it works well on uneven surfaces maintaining the effectiveness of the tape at its best and is optimal for use in binding harnesses, etc. Acetate Cloth Adhesive Tapes are used for many purposes and have properties that make them the best adhesive solution for different reasons. 


    Acetate Cloth Tape Uses and Properties :

    • Acetate Cloth Tapes have excellent insulation properties, thus helping in providing an end to end solution for electrical industry uses.
    • These adhesive tapes are impact resistant, making them long lasting and a good choice for extreme industry applications,
    • Acetate cloth adhesive tapes are highly effective – owing to their impact resistant and temperature resistant properties, these adhesive tapes prove to be efficacious.
    • These adhesive tapes have a longer life, so it can be used for industrial applications which are meant to last for longer periods of time. 
    • Acetate cloth adhesive tapes are simple and easy to use, they don’t require proper skills for application.
    • These adhesive tapes are highly conformable, making them an effective and consistent choice for electrical usage.
    • Acetate cloth adhesive tapes are used for the wrapping of coil in transformers, relays and motors. And can also be used as coil covers.
    • These adhesive tapes are easily tearable by hand, making their usage practical and straightforward.
    • Acetate cloth adhesive tapes may also be used to bundle Wire harnesses. They are flexible and conformable, making them ideal for bundling wire harnesses. 

      Uses of Acetate Cloth Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

      Electrical and Electronics Industry :

      Adhesive Specialities manufactures Acetate Cloth Tape for the Electrical Industry, which are pressure-sensitive, used to insulate electrical wires and cables. Suitable for the electrical industry, acetate cloth tapes are highly adhesive, offer excellent absorption, and have longer lives. 

      Acetate cloth adhesive tapes are suitable for electrical wire handling solutions, they are essentially used to insulate wires and cables that have electricity coursing through them. These adhesive tapes are comfortable, easy to use, and highly effective.

      Reach out to our team at Adhesive Specialities today, to get customized solutions for your adhesive tape requirements.