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  • D/s Cotton Cloth Tape

    • High tack & good adhesion.
    • Used as plate mounting in printing.
    • Excellent for flex printing of corrugated board.
    • Suitable for joining 2 dissimilar surfaces such as signage boards.
    • Ideal for carpet fixing.
    More About D/s Cotton Cloth Tape

    What are D/s Cotton Cloth Tapes?

    Cotton cloth coated with hotmelt adhesive on both sides gives Double Sided Cotton Adhesive Cloth Tape a strong adhesion, easy rip, and clean removal capabilities. This tape has a polyester or paper release liner fused to it. 

    Adhesive Specialities manufacturers and alternative cotton cloth is covered with natural rubber adhesive on both sides of the Double Side Cotton Cloth Tape. It has a strong adhesive, simple tear, and clean removal capabilities thanks to the coating. A polyester or paper release liner is included with the tape. 

    Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape is ideal for attaching two dissimilar surfaces, such as signage boards, and can also be utilised in the shoe and leather industries, as well as in the printing business as plate mounting tape for carpet fixing.


    Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape Uses and Properties :

    • The cotton adhesive tape offers a high tack and adherence. 
    • In printing, double-sided cotton cloth tapes can be used to mount plates. 
    • The adhesive tape is ideal for corrugated board flex printing. 
    • Cotton cloth tape can be used to connect two distinct surfaces, such as signboards. 
    • Cotton tapes that are self-adhesive are great for carpet repair. 

      Uses of Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape in Various Industries : 

      Aerospace Industry: 

      Adhesive Specialties, situated in Bangalore, specialises in adhesive tapes for the aerospace industry. Due to its exceptional adhesive characteristics, D/s Cotton cloth tapes are widely used. Adhesive tape can be used to connect two surfaces that aren’t the same. The tape is also great for repairing carpets. 

      These adhesive tapes are perfect for aircraft applications since they can tolerate high temperatures. Adhesive Specialties produces a comprehensive range of high-quality adhesive tapes that are ideal for this industry’s needs.

      Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry: 

      Adhesive Specialities is an Indian-based adhesive tape company with a focus on the printing, packaging, and sign industries. Adhesive Specialties manufactures high-adherence application adhesive tapes for cotton fabric tape, which has a wide range of applications including flex printing and other popular purposes. 

      These adhesive tapes work well on a variety of surfaces, both comparable and dissimilar, in both indoor and outdoor settings. D/s cotton fabric tapes can also be used to mount plates in the printing process.

  • Plate Mounting Tape

    • Printing Foam Tape is made from highly compressible foam with superior recovery behaviour for excellent print quality in flexographic printing.
    • Long lasting recovery characteristic for extended and high-speed print runs.
    • Low thickness tolerances for quick print preparation and reduced waste.
    • Combination of adhesive and liner for easy positioning and bubble free mounting.
    • Perfect adhesion.
    • Residue free removal and preserved plate integrity (no stretching)
    More About Plate Mounting Adhesive Tapes

    What are Plate Mounting Adhesive Tapes?

    Plate Mounting Tape is also known as Flexo Printing Foam Tape and is made from highly compressible foam with film reinforcement for superior recovery behaviour for excellent print quality. Long-lasting recovery characteristic for extended and high-speed print runs. Low thickness tolerances for quick print preparation and reduced waste. 

    Plate Mounting Tape with high adhesion is used for mounting film for photo polymeric or rubber plates on cylinders of small diameter. There is no edge lifting and has high flexibility. The cohesive adhesive structure for demounting can be done without any adhesive residue.

    Plate Mounting Tapes Uses and Properties :

    • Printing Foam Tape is comprised of extremely compressible foam with good recovery properties for great flexographic print quality. 
    • For simple placement and bubble-free installation, a combination of adhesive and liner is used. 
    • For extensive and high-speed print cycles, this feature provides long-lasting recuperation. 
    • Low thickness tolerances allow for faster print preparation and waste reduction. 
    • Plate integrity protected and residue-free removal (no stretching). 
    • The adhesion of these tapes is excellent.


    Uses of Plate Mounting Adhesive Tape in Various Industries : 

    Printing, Packaging and Signage Industry : 

    Adhesive Specialities specialises in custom developments of adhesive tapes utilised for the printing, packaging and signage industry. Adhesive tapes manufactured by us provide excellent adhesion. These adhesive tapes are suitable for joining signage boards, helpful in flexo printing, extreme temperature resistant and also ageing and UV resistant. 

    They are highly functional on similar and dissimilar surfaces and for indoor and outdoor applications. Adhesive Specialities offers a wide variety of choices for adhesive tapes useful for this industry. The different adhesive tapes we offer are suitable for general purpose applications and also for specific purposes, based on your requirement. Adhesive tapes for this industry are ideal for sealing, packing, fixing and mending applications. 

    With adhesive tapes available in various different colours and sizes, reach out to Adhesive Specialities today, for solutions to your printing, packaging and signage requirements!

  • Plate Mounting Tape PVC

    • Plate mounting tape with PVC film backing, is used whenever a cushion (foam tape) is not required.
    • Flexo printing of corrugated board (post-print), film with compressible sleeves.
    • Letterpress printing of labels.
    • Dry offset printing of cups.
    • Optimised release liners, promoting easy application and ideal handling
    More About Plate Mounting PVC

    What is Plate Mounting Tape PVC?

    Mounting Plates The tape is comprised of transparent PVC film and has a strong bonding strength to the steel cylinder or sleeve on the open side to prevent printing plate movement. Edge lifting and plate movement are prevented by the strong bonding to the plate. The lack of an increase in bonding power allows for simple repositioning and, more importantly, plate demounting. 

    Mounting Plates Film for photo polymeric or rubber plates is mounted on tiny diameter cylinders with high adhesion tape. There is no edge lifting, and it is quite flexible. Demounting with a cohesive adhesive structure can be done without leaving any adhesive residue

    Uses and Properties of Plate mounting tape PVC: 

    • When a cushion (foam tape) is not required, plate mounting tape with PVC film backing is utilized. 
    • This plate mounting PVC adhesive tapes make flexo printing of corrugated board (post-print) and film with compressible sleeves more easier. 
    • Labels can be letterpress printed using plate mounting sticky tapes. 
    • Dry offset printing of cups with plate mounting adhesives 
    • This adhesive tape has optimized release liners that promote simple application and handling.

    Uses of Plate Mounting Tape PVC in various industries: 

    Printing, Packaging & Signages Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities is a company that specializes in specialized adhesive tape creation for the printing, packaging, and signs industries. The Plate Mounting PVC tape is an in-house creation for the printing industry. Flexo printing on corrugated board (post-print) and film with compressible sleeves is made simpler with these plate mounting PVC adhesive tapes. 

    Using plate mounting adhesive tapes, labels may be letterpress printed. Cups printed using dry offset printing and plate mounting adhesives. The release liners on this sticky tape have been enhanced for easy application and handling.