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    BOPP Tape

    • Suitable for packing application for various types of corrugated cartons.
    • Ideal for all-purpose packaging.
    • 4 colour printing can be done.
    • Available in transparent & brown colour.
    • Thickness available from 40 mic to 100 mic.
    More About BOPP Tape

    What are BOPP Tapes?

    BOPP Tape is an acrylic emulsion-coated Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film. It possesses a high tensile strength. Because of the outstanding adhesive backing, the product has a strong hold. Adhesive Specialities manufacturers these adhesive tapes in two colors: brown and clear.  BOPP Tape is an excellent alternative for bundling and strapping hefty boxes, as well as other general applications.

    Uses and Properties of BOPP Tapes : 

    • Adhesive Specialities BOPP tape is ideal for all-purpose packaging.
    • The BOPP Tape is suitable for packing applications for various types of corrugated cartons.
    • Thickness available at Adhesive Specialities in Bangalore ranges from 40 mic to 100 mic.
    • The BOPP adhesive tape is available in transparent & brown color and can be chosen according to the requirement.

    Uses of BOPP tapes in various industries : 

    Garment Industry:

    Due to its flexibility and strong adhesive strength, Adhesive Specialties’ BOPP adhesive tape is widely utilized in the garment industry for a variety of applications. In the garment business, these BOPP film tapes are used to pack corrugated boxes. The color printed BOPP adhesive film tapes can be used for branding purposes while sealing the packaging boxes.  

    Printing, Packaging & Signage Industry: 

    Adhesive Specialities is an Indian-based adhesive tape manufacturer that supplies tapes for the printing, packaging, and signage industries. The BOPP adhesive tapes are ideal for all purpose packaging. Four colors can be printed over these BOPP Film tapes.  These adhesive tapes are suitable for packaging applications for various types of corrugated carton boxes. At Adhesive Specialities you could choose the thickness of tape varying from 40 mic to 100 mic according to your packaging needs. 

    AS-018-A-BOPP Tape Wb