In a momentous achievement for Adhesive Specialities, they are excited to announce the successful testing of their alloy blocking tape at one of India’s premier ophthalmic labs. This comprehensive evaluation included a head-to-head comparison with leading tape manufacturers from the USA, focusing on various pivotal aspects of lens processing.

Precision in Manual Knife Cutting:

Adhesive Specialities’ tape showcased remarkable precision in manual knife cutting, adhering closely to technical parameters. The cutting process exhibited exceptional smoothness around the lens periphery, with knife insertion observed to be effortlessly seamless.

Flawless Edge Finishing:

Across diverse lens curves, their tape displayed flawless edge finishing without forming any wrinkles. The bonding was consistently even and complete, maintaining integrity throughout the lens curvature.

Reliable Alloy Blocking:

Adhesive Specialities alloy blocking proved robust and aligned with stringent quality standards, ensuring stability throughout the lens processing stages.

Successful Lens Generation:

Through rigorous testing on the latest Optotech and Satisloh machines, the tape demonstrated its versatility by seamlessly accommodating different cutting speeds. All lenses generated successfully with no observed disengagement during the grinding process. Adhesive Specialities successfully tested the tape at various productivity machines, ranging from 35 to 50 lenses per hour, and scaled up to high-speed Generators producing 100 lenses per hour. Not single lens disengagement was observed throughout the testing duration.

Exceptional Polishing Performance:

During polishing, whether conducted in a single stage or three stages, the tape maintained its adherence to the lens edge. It garnered praise from inspecting engineers for its ability to prevent polish from percolating under the finished surface.


Effortless De-blocking:

De-blocking of the finished lens was remarkably easy, requiring just a single tap. No alloy transfer was observed, and tape removal from the lens proved clean and residue-free.


Optotech Auto Taping Machine Approval:

Taking the next stride, the tape was subjected to testing on the Optotech auto taping machine. The results were impressive, with smooth taping observed, and the tape effortlessly handled additional machine pulling force.

With great pride, Adhesive Specialities declares that their product has received approval across all critical parameters. Their company stands as the first company in India to successfully develop and implement this groundbreaking alloy blocking tape, marking a significant stride in ophthalmic lens processing technology.

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